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Tips from the Pros: Kathy Collard Miller

"SundinGreetings from Sarah Sundin
in California! What a joy for me to interview Kathy Collard Miller, author of
fifty books. When I first started writing in 2000, my mother bragged at the
bowling alley about her daughter working on a novel. Kathy “happened” to be on
the other team. This sweet woman gave my mother her phone number—and answered
dozens of my newbie questions. She was my first contact with the writing
community, and I will always be grateful for her generosity and encouragement.

how did you get into writing?

I’d always had the heart of a
writer—trying to write a novel in junior high; being the high school newspaper
editor—but I didn’t know what being a writer actually meant. I just knew I
loved writing and being at my desk. It wasn’t until I took an adult education
class on writing when I was 26 years old that I learned about a query letter
(in 1977). Because God had just delivered me from being a child abuser at that
time (I’d been a Christian for seven years), I thought I should see if anyone
would want to print that story. I subscribed to Moody Monthly magazine
and sent them a query letter about my idea. They replied they’d like to see the
article and they ended up accepting it. It was published in 1978. Then I went
to my first writers conference in 1980 at Forest Home in So. CA, and God
birthed the desire to write a book about my story. It took several years for
that book to be published in 1985.