Surprise Encounter In An Airport

Kathy Collard Miller
Kathy Collard Miller

Hello from Kathy Collard Miller in the Southern California desert where it’s starting to cool down!

Some time ago I was waiting in the airport for my connecting flight, minding my own business while enjoying reading a novel. I looked up and noticed a small food counter nearby where a woman was serving customers. I continued reading when unexpectedly the Lord’s still small voice within my heart whispered, “Go talk to that woman behind the counter about Me.”

My reaction was unfortunately one that I usually make: “Oh, Lord, you know I don’t like doing things like this. Please! No!”

I resumed reading, my face almost buried in the book’s pages, hoping He would forget I was there. But I could sense Him patiently waiting…and waiting.

“Oh, all right, Lord. What should I say to her?”

“Tell her I love her.”

Well, that wasn’t very original! I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to go and tried reading my book again. But I knew He would be persistent, so I gathered my things together and got at the end of the line for the counter.

I was amazed that by the time all the customers in front of me had been helped, no one had gotten in line behind me. When I faced the woman at the counter, I gulped and shot an arrow prayer, “OK, Lord, here we go.”