BobHostetlerBob Hostetler here, offering another prayer for writers:

I use too many adjectives
and adverbs as I write;
I want the lift a good noun gives
to help a phrase take flight,
like dandelion, balustrade,
and cricket, poppy, trough,
and foghorn, meadow, cannonade,
assassin, scythe, and toff,
and more, I pray, from You who gave
each item, object, thing,
and every single noun I have
to make my writing sing.


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Maureen Pratt, CAN Member-at-Large

Maureen Pratt 

Hello! Maureen Pratt, back again, for my monthly CAN Blog post. I’m very happy to be blogging today about the craft of writing and, specifically, the huge difference “writing positive prose” can make in describing characters, painting pictures, and conveying the heart of a story, be it fiction or non-fiction.

What do I mean by “positive?”

Given two possible ways of writing the same sentence, the more positive can be the strongest one to choose. Consider this description:

“Amy didn’t necessarily think she was beautiful, but she couldn’t believe that the casting director put her in secondary roles that didn’t allow her to take the lead and shine as much as she knew she could.”

Now this one:

“Amy knew she was plain, but she was frustrated that the casting director put her in secondary roles that kept her in the background and prevented her from showing everyone what she could do.”

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