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Christmas is the season of giving, and as people who carry Christmas all year, let’s talk about how we can be giving people all year—and how giving makes good marketing sense. It may be the best way to make money. Sounds crazy, I know, but read through these ideas and see if any stir your imagination and your heart. Then give them a try. You’ll find the biblical principle of giving works even in marketing—because what we offer can have an eternal impact.

Begin by thinking of the kinds of things you can create. Tips sheets, short stories, Sunday school discussion guides, inspirational quotes, excerpts from current WIP, action guides, resource lists, historical background, devotions, e-books, coupons, and photo galleries.

Next, decide what you are wanting your readers to do—what do you want to incentivize by offering your "free" gift. Are you needing people to sign up for your newsletter, join or like your Facebook page, re-tweet a post, write a review, or tell their friends about your new book.

Next, make it easy for your readers to do what you need them to do. Create clickable links to your website, Facebook, blog, or Amazon link, and shorten URLs using TinyURL or other shortner service. Create the post you want them to re-tweet, the email you want them to forward, or the announcment you want them to share. Don’t expect them to create it; make it easy for them to copy and paste.

Finally, post the freebe on your website or create and save the email so it is ready to go when you receive notice someone has done as you’ve asked. Be thankful and gracious in your response. Some programs offer a way for you to automate the "free gift" such as Constant Contact and Pay Pal.

One more thing. Pray over your free gifts that they may reach those who need to be blessed. It doesn’t hurt to ask God for blessings to return to you. As Christmas people we believe we cannot outgive God. So let 2013 be your year to give, and let the storehouse of God open unto you and your readers.

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