ISBN 978-0830754908
Publisher: Gospel Light
Release Date: 10/21/10

The gift of God’s grace transforms our lives as it did for Paul and many other early Christians. As we walk in grace we understand our significance to God, his merciful forgiveness, and how to extend his grace to others. The study explores Jesus, the source of grace, the gift of the grace of salvation, the encouragement of extending grace to others, freedom we have because of grace, the connection between grace and peace, and many other aspects of grace.

The study examines grace in the Bible through exploring grace as experienced by Daniel, David, Timothy, Hannah, and Paul and others. The book includes material for a healthier life style and balanced living with recipes, a musical CD for walking, a a live-it tracker plan.

Karen Whiting is the author of 12 books. She writes to encourage women, family, and children to connect, serve, and treasure one another. Her books offer creative ideas, practical tips, and inspiration to help families build strong bonds and develop a closer relationship with God. Her future books include more inspirational craft books for tween girls, a devotional for women on the most important Bible passages for women, and a look at women and families during the home front of American Wars. She’s a mother of five, a grandmother, and has been married many years to Jim, a retired Coast Guard officer and naval architect.

Link to book: Walking in Grace


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