No Greater Love 

Book one of the four-book Extreme Devotion series from New Hope Publishers

ISBN-10: 1596692774 

ISBN-13: 978-1596692770 

Release date: April 5, 2010


Orphaned four years earlier when their parents, active in the African National Congress (ANC) movement against Apartheid, were murdered, 16-year-old Chioma and her 15-year-old brother, Masozi, now live and work on an Afrikaner family’s farm. When Chioma and Andrew, the farm owner’s son, find themselves attracted to one another, tragedy revisits their lives. Chioma escapes to join an ANC rebel band in her effort to survive and gain revenge for her family and race. When cultures clash in life-or-death struggles, Chioma must choose between violence and revenge or forgiveness and selfless love. Loosely based on historical events and set near PretoriaSouth Africa, in the violent upheaval prior to ANC leader Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990 and his ascendance to the presidency of South Africa, this story of forbidden romance produces an unlikely martyr who is replaced by one even more unlikely.

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Patterns and Progress

By Amber Stockton

December, 2009


ISBN-10: 1602606870

ISBN-13: 9781602606876

Shannon Delaney was right.

Every time she might consider changing her stance on what other people called progress, something bad would happen and she would be proven right again. Take the day Jacob Berringer almost ran her over in that new Model-T, for instance. And he had the nerve to suggest she'd been daydreaming? Or the Titanic. A marvel of modern invention. Look where that got them. Or how about the new tractor her brother insisted they try out. What did he get from that? A broken arm. Why can't things just stay the way they are—the way they should be?

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Babes Beatitude coverBabes With A Beatitude—Devotions For Smart, Saavy Women of Faith by Linda Kozar 

(Howard/Simon & Schuster) 

Releases in December, 2009.

Daily Inspirations for the Blessed Life

“The blessed life”…that’s what the word beatitude actually means…and that’s the life God created you to live. The 366 devotions (yes, there’s an extra one for leap year!) were written with today’s busy woman in mind. Each message is short, but more than sweet, as it delivers powerful words of hope, purpose, direction, and encouragement. For every day of the year, you’ll find an uplifting scripture, a straight-to-your-heart message, and a “Beatitude Check” that gets your outlook on straight for the day ahead.

God is calling you to more..

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I have a friend whose husband is deployed in Afghanistan. I've been searching for the perfect gift to let her know not only how much I appreciate her husband's service to our country, but also to recognize her faithful service, too. With Faith Deployed, I've found it the perfect gift.

Jocelyn Green and her army of been-there, walked-a-mile-in-your-shoes writers, have packed a lot into this little book. Each two-page devotional is a morsel of food for thought and spiritual nourishment. Not being a military wife myself, I was surprised at how the book affected me. In it I found a new depth of appreciation for what these women go through as each daily anecdote ties directly to the day-in and day-out lives of these unsung heroes. In many ways, they are no different than we are as they have fears, hopes, and dreams. They long to honor God with their lives, but are also seeking to balance that with a love for their military husbands and the country they serve together.

Each devotional includes a Scripture, a 2-page anecdote, a few questions to ponder, and a prayer related to the topic.

Through this book, I know my friend will be ministered to in a way I'm not able. In fact, so many of the books I looked at offered nice stories and gave great advice, but Faith Deployed goes deeper. It connects biblical principles to the real needs these keepers of home front share.

I know my friend will find in the pages of this book, a new set of friends, and a closer walk with the One True Friend who never leaves nor forsakes. What more could I want for my friend?






Jocelyn Greentallcrop This is Jocelyn Green, and today I have the pleasure of offering a book review of Cheri Cowell’s  Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of Your Life. Many times, it’s easy to discern a good choice from a bad one. But when neither option is bad or wrong, how does one know which path to choose? While most of us would prefer the proverbial “handwriting on the wall” to show us the way, that kind of unmistakable message from God is rare. But according to Cowell’s book, that’s OK. We don’t need it. In fact, instead of trying to guess what God’s will is, she writes, we should instead focus on discerning His “way.” When we know God’s way, we’ll be better able to choose our own.

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