Pieper1Greetings from not-so-sunny (but not snowy and icy, either) Mount Dora, Florida. Today, I’m delighted to welcome award-winning author Gayle Roper 2014Gayle Roper to the CAN blog. I had the opportunity to meet Gayle in person at an industry conference last summer, where her book, A Widow’s Journey, was named the Advanced Writers and Speaker’s Association Nonfiction Book of the Year. I’m excited to introduce her to our CAN audience.

Welcome, Gayle! Could you please share how you got into writing?

I have been in this business for over forty-five years, and have things ever changed. I began writing as a young mom who was bored staying home. I quickly discovered nap time wasn’t for homemaking tasks but for writing. I had never planned to be a writer, so this career has been one of those wonderful God-surprises that expand and enrich your life beyond all expectations. My first sale was a short story to a now-defunct teen magazine. I was paid the princely sum of $10.

A_Widow's_Journey (1)I had a few of those checks, too—and each one thrilled me. How many books do you have published? What are a few of your latest titles?

Over the course of these years I’ve had more than fifty books published, most recently A Widow’s Journey: Reflections on Living Alone (nonfiction) and An Unexpected Match (fiction). Read More →


A few scenarios might have seemed frustrating, but easily turned to fodder for marketing

  • My editor had me find and use a quote daily for a devotional and then changed it to scriptures
  • I did tons of research for each day’s devotion for a historic nonfiction (Stories of Faith and Courage From the Home Front) and had folders of excess info
  • Another editor cut content and had me add other content
Short daily thoughts to bring hope!

Short daily thoughts to bring hope!

I realized each time that I had plenty of material for social networking.

  • I had a whole database of historic dates I blogged about.
  • I had quotes on my book’s focus I’ll be using soon (when the book releases)
  • I had other related content to post for the book with the pulled content

So, yes, one cut becomes a paste later.

You can prepare for some of this.

  • When I do research and know I’ll only use a fraction of it, I start a file and a spreadsheet of what I can use later in marketing. Sometimes I even write posts ahead while the material is fresh in my mind.
  • I make a new folder of material I edit out or the editor pulls out. I review that folder when I work on marketing. There’s a lot I can use and other that prompts ideas for posts.

Where content’s king in marketing we don’t have excess. We simply have new marketing material.








Marketing Ideas From Cheri Cowell

Cheri CowellWriters go where writers gather. Let me be bold and say, if you are calling yourself a writer, you will be at a writers’ conference this year. I know, you don’t have the money; I don’t know your family situation. You are right. I had those same obstacles my first years in this business, but I wrote articles that paid $10 and $20 to pay for my first conference–a lot of articles. I found solutions to my family issues because I was determined to be where writers are.

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Linda J. White

Linda J. White

Linda J. White here, writing from Somerville, Virginia, where an unusually warm December has had me wearing sandals and thinking about the beach. And while I know Old Man Winter still has a punch or two in store for us, I think the beach is a great lead-in to a few words about marketing. Read More →


davalynn-spencer-smallGood morning from Colorado. Davalynn Spencer here, happy to introduce author Laurie Alice Eakes who has some great things to share.

How many books do you have published and what are a few of your latest titles?

Currently, I have twenty-one books published, not counting the compilation books in which my work appears.

My latest book is The Mountain Midwife. “Over a Barrel” is a novella reprinted in The American Dream Collection with eight other authors, and A Stranger’s Secret released in April, the second book in the Cliffs of Cornwall series.

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