"_DSC0126"For all the critter
lovers out there, I’m going to share—our beloved Springer Spaniel, Zeke, passed
away recently. He was ten years old. Here he is with my daughter, Lana, on her wedding day. Ah…in case you're wonderfing—no Zeke didn't come to the church.

Or maybe you're wondering—how is
the news that my dog passed away supposed to encourage? We live in a world that is full of
tough things, sadness, illness, bombings in Boston for goodness sake! Shootings
in schools. Scary stuff.

This is when I think it’s time to sit quiet and thank
God for the little things in our life that He sends to give us joy. Like dogs.
Puppies. And yes…cats too.

How many of us come
home—weary with aching back, or you’re so tired of speaking you don’t want to
utter another syllable—to be greeted by a sweet doggy grin and a tail wagging
so strong it might knock you over?

Or do you have a
four-legged friend who drags you out on a sunny day to enjoy the fresh air and
give you much need exercise?

Perhaps you have a cat
that is curled up like a cushion on your couch, who blinks at you and yawns,
and you know that in cat language he/she is saying, “Yes, I am rather fond of you.”

It’s not just dogs and
cats that God uses to encourage us. I remember a scene in Corrie Ten Boom’s
book The Hiding Place, when she and
her sister Betsy were blessed by God as they stood outside in the freezing cold
in the Gestapo prison camp. That morning they could hear the birds sing. And it
was a comfort. They felt His presence in His creation and in His creature’s

Life is tough. It’s
scary. If you have a soft furry animal in your life, then enjoy that creation
of God. We can worship Him by savoring the funny things our dogs do or when our
cat purrs with our touch. We can recognize this as another instance of God’s
amazing goodness.

My family had ten
wonderful years with a lovely animal named Zeke. I thank God for His kindness
in allowing us the pleasure of caring for that sweet dog.















This is me a few years ago with Zeke and Puss Puss. I hope you've been encouraged. Drop by my website www.christinelindsay.com

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