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Kimberly Warowitz Yencer

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CAN will be giving 3 book packages away in this extravaganza.
There are 3 different pages showing each prize package:
Back to School Extravaganza #1
Back to School Extravaganza #2
Back to School Extravaganza #3

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What’s in #1? A $266 Value!
Look at all these books in Package 1!


 Author, Mona Hodgson: Real Girls of the Bible


 Author, Janet Chester Bly (and the late Stephen Bly):
1) Winners and Losers—Quiet Times Between Teens and God
2) Island Mansion Mysteries


Author, Karen Whiting:
1) Nature Girl—A guide to caring for God’s creation
2) Secrets of Success for Women—Time
3) God’s Girls #2


Author, Eddie Jones: Skull Creek Stakeout

Author, Susan Marlow:
1) Andi’s Pony Trouble
2) Andi’s Pony Trouble Lap Book


Author, Sherry Kyle: The Girls Guide to Your Dream Room

Author, Carolyn Warren: Praying Through Your Child’s Early Years


Author, Jeanette Hanscome: Running with Roselle 

Author, Jane Hampton Cook:

Stories of Faith and Courage from the American Revolution

Author, Dianne Neal Matthews: The One Year On This Day

Author, Dr. Ted Baehr: The Media-Wise Family

Author, Jeanette Windle: Parker Twins series
1) Caves of the Inca Re
2) Jungle Hideout
3) Captured in Columbia
4) Mystery at Death Canyon
5) Secret of the Dragon Mark
6) Race for the Scout Code

Author, Katrina Cassel: Just for Me! the Bible

Author, Jeanne Dennis: Strive to Survive Series
1) Deadly Expedition
2) Escape

Author Doreen Hanna: Raising a Modern Day Princess


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