I’m dancing in my blindness and rejoicing in my disability.

Crazy statement, isn’t it? But I think you’ll agree with the reason I have joy dancing in my soul.

First, my friend, who has been there for me for years, always answers, “No problem…that was easy,” each of the dozen times I ask her to format documents, to post these blogs, or perform research for me.

Then, I have a friend who barely makes ends meet and she emails me: “Go outside your front door and find the holder for your bird feeder.” She knew the one we have was no good. So she surprised me with a new one which she purchased with a gift certificate she received after donating platelets.

My friend who drives nearly an hour to visit puts in my hands two beautiful scarves and a purse to match. “Here, I need to keep you in style.”

And my dear friend who wrote “Go ahead and sign up for the writer’s conference; I took care of the registration fee.”

These are only some examples of what I call God’s smiles. And with gratitude overflowing, I sit in the still of the night and wonder for a long, long time. I ask myself if I would or could use the words I write, the message I deliver, the ministry I impart be a smile to someone else.


What delight it would be to do something so that, like me, they would see God’s smile that says: “I’m here with you. I know your needs. I see your wants and know very well each of your desires.”

How beautifully Psalm 121:1-2 echoes my heart. “I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Maker of heaven and earth.” And how sweetly His help trickles down through friends’ gestures, through their kind surprises, and their unconditional support.

How about you? As you pen insights and prepare messages for audiences, are you considering them to be God’s smile to others? To those who need help to lift their veil of sorrow. To turn the corner of pain and let their gloom melt in the warmth of His grace?




Janet Perez Eckles, international speaker, author, radio host, life coach. www.janetperezeckles.com

Cheering you on to experience life, harvest its lessons and share their outcome.

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