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DSC_5017_3This week I received an email from an editor that surprised me. I met with the editor last March at a conference and submitted some requested manuscripts but heard nothing. Evidently my submission made it into the accepted folder but in changing secretaries the company missed sending me a contract. This week the editor checked for the contract before preparing to put the article into an upcoming issue, found the error, and emailed me. The article is a new twist on something they like to publish and I hope readers enjoy it.

This unexpected Christmas acceptance adds a final touch of blessing from God to end the year.

I love surprises and each acceptance always surprises me in some way.

Christmas is a season for hope and as it also signals the end of one year that means a new year will begin and bring new hope.

I hope you all receive acceptances in the coming year, but more than that I hope you will let God guide your writing and show you new ideas.

Be brave and try new genres or new ways of expressing ideas with the hope that God will use you in new ways. I recall a time I cold not sell an article I really liked. Then I read that  a publisher wanted children's dramas. I  wrote a drama based on the ideas in the article and sold it in a few weeks. A year or two later I sold the original article.

Be hopeful as you try new ventures and make new connections. Try a new conference or new online group to generate ideas, inspiration, and new connections.

Persist and let God find a home for your writing. Send out manuscripts with hope of acceptances. One friend worked for a few decades to get published and almost gave up a number of times. She started writing long before I did and I prayed for her for a long time. Finally, 18months ago she received a contract for a novella in a collection of four. One of the other authors, a well-known writer, helped it hit a best seller list. Her first book has been a great success. 

Have hope that you will stretch as a writer and improve. Be willing to work on any weak area. Each year I consider what is hard for me and include it in my goals. A number of years ago I realized I'm a sprinter and like the short articles, like to divide chapters into shorter sections, etc. I set a goal to work on longer articles and sold three that year. I read and studied longer articles to help me succeed. Since then I have regularly written and sold longer pieces. 

Most of all pass hope on to others as you reach out with words to








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2 thoughts on “Hope and Writing

Clint Rowley

December 23, 2011 - 15 : 28 : 05

Such a great story! I love hearing about the little miracles that happen daily! Congratulations on having your piece accepted.


Marja Meijers

December 26, 2011 - 12 : 24 : 43

Thanks Karen, great article. I love your HOPE acronym, have to remember that!


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