Karen Whiting

Karen Whiting

Aloha from Karen, the CAN treasurer,

Only a few days to Christmas and the end of another year. As you contemplate the miracle of God becoming flesh, God incarnate, it’s also a time to believe in your dreams and know that with God all things are possible.

I end the year with two unexpected book contracts although some I’d hoped for have not come through. God has such a greater plan that I have. Take time as the year end’s to thank God for the gifts he has given you this year and the writing opportunities. Then pray for the coming year. I always ask God for a verse to guide me in the New Year. This past year the verse focused on making the most of every opportunity and I did that. God used opportunities to open new doors. I’m excited to pray and discover what verse He will give me for 2010.

I hope that all of you will be blessed in the coming year with opportunities to write and share God’s love through words/

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Kathleen L. Maher

December 23, 2009 - 23 : 56 : 15

Karen, this blessed me. I will take that good advice to thank the Lord for the things He’s done this year in my writing, and I will also ask for a scripture for this coming year, too. May God bless you and all that He sets out for you to accomplish in 2010.


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