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Words as Words

Italicize words used as words, or phrases used as phrases.


“The word love has many meanings, Amber,” Rob said.

“Is that why the phrase I love you is so hard for you to say?” she retorted.






complement (noun): something that completes

“This book contains a full complement of screenwriting techniques.”


complement (verb): to complete

“That jewelry complements Kristin’s dress.”

“The two coauthors complement each other with their different abilities.”


compliment (noun): flattery or praise

“Arlene enjoyed the compliment Elaine paid her.”





myriad (adjective): innumerable

“Louise looked at the myriad stars in the sky.”


myriad (noun): a great number, or ten thousand

“They encountered a myriad of problems in their relationship.”

“She experienced myriads of difficulties getting her book published.”


NOTE: The noun usage of this word has been criticized in recent years, but Webster’s 11th claims that it is acceptable.




good night (two words, no hyphen)



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nosa eke

December 5, 2013 - 21 : 17 : 05

Take a look at the words ‘portable’ and ‘potable.'(nosaeke2001@yahoo.com


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