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Spring brings flowers and trees heavy with blooms, a rebirth for the world, and that’s how I see writing, a rebirth of ideas born in my head but given life on paper. I hope these ideas inspire you.

I have two topics today — one is the research techniques for suspense fiction and the other an invitation to a conference I’ll be keynoting along with a book signing in Owosso, MI on Saturday, May 25. Here’s the info:

Mid-Michigan Christian Writer’s Conference in Owosso MI, Keynote Speaker:
Gail Gaymer Martin Our Dreams, God’s Blessings, a message of humor, hope, and
direction. Saturday, May 25, 2013 Doors open at 10:15 AM to 3:00 PM, held at  Comstock Inn & Conference Center  at 300 S. Main. Cost including lunch- $35.  More info and registration: www.mmcwf.com

And now Researching Suspense Writing

A suspense novel needs the same research as any novel when creating characters, bringing setting to life, and provide story details. The additional element that needs tremendous research revolve understand the elements of suspense that make it real—police lingo and procedures, investigation and investigative research, forensic details, psychology of criminals, trail procedures, and so much more.

Here are some research tips that might help you as you research your suspense, mystery or thriller.

Internet Sites: The Internet has many helpful website operated by lawyers, detectives, police officers, and forensic details that will help you.  One site that is helpful is   www.copseek.com , providing real life information. Another is  http://www.scanners.comhttp://www.police-scanner.info/live-police-scanners.htm that allows you to listen to real  police scanners and firefighters in various areas of the US.  You can use this for lingo and dialogue.

Citizens Police Academy: Many cities have Citizen Police Academies available for anyone who has interest.  They’re usually 8 week courses which teach tremendous information, including offering ride-a-longs, finger printing and so much more.  Check these out in your local area.

Classes and Workshops: Community colleges and various organizations teach classes on topics like guns, self-defense, and other courses that will provide you with details to make your novels more real.

Speak with Detectives/Police: Most police departments of any size have a community promotion person who is willing to give workshops and answer questions a that will help you in bringing real life to your novels.  A telephone call works, but making an appointment and visiting the police stations is even better.  I had a wonderful experience working with a detective for my novel Finding Christmas. I even used his name as a detective in my novel, and he came to my book signing and his wife bought 30 books to give to friends and family for Christmas

Crime Encyclopedias:  You can find many encyclopedias that are useful for suspense, mysteries or thrillers.  Here are a topics: Crime and Justice, Criminology and Deviant Behavior, Forensic Science, Psychology, Applied Ethics

Writers Digest Books: You will not find a finer resource for books on crime than from this publisher.  I have shelves of books that I’ve used. D. P. Lyle MD has authored a book called Murder and Mayhem which you will find helpful and he also has a website that provides links to an amazing amount of solid information on crime and solving it.http://www.dplylemd.com/

Attend trials: Most trials are open to anyone who wants to sit in and learn.  You might want to call your local judicial facility and learn what cases are going up for trial so you find something worthwhile for your novel

Ride-A-Longs : While ride-a-longs are part of the Citizen’s Police Academy, you can contact your local police department and ask about riding along for an evening. Check with your local EMT and firefighters to see if they allow ride-a-longs if you need that for your novels.  This provides you with first hand information.

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