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Simply Salsa by Janet Perez Eckles – A Book Review

Simply salsaSimply Salsa

“Picture yourself seated in a comfortable chair. A luscious Latin melody dances in the background as you spend a few hours with a dear friend. Her smile embraces you like a warm hug. Her openness encourages you to share your heart. And her words of wisdom challenge you to follow the God of boundless love.

This golden afternoon mirrors the experience of reading Janet Perez Eckles’ Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta. The book takes a refreshing look at the Christ-life—with a unique Latina flair. Authenticity drives this project, whose author shares her wisdom through real-life stories with a sprinkling of Spanish (translations provided).

The choices and challenges Eckles has faced include everything from life in a new land and language at the vulnerable age of twelve to the crushing loss of an adult son to the heartbreaking news of her own impending blindness.

Reader-focused questions and challenges enhance the book’s conversational feel. The author’s gentle humor and transparency allow readers to learn and laugh without finger-pointing or lectures.

Reader-focused questions and challenges enhance the book’s conversational feel. 


As one recent reader said, ‘Janet may be blind, but something tells me she sees more than most of us’.”

M Marti Pieper, Book Doctor/Writer/Editor

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