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Karen7.8.2011 Having survived Hurricane Andrew with half my house damaged and many items blown into the everglades, I know a little about what to expect from a hurricane. Irene is headed my way. It’s important back up files and take other steps.

I have a system where I can put my files into cyberspace and that’s great. I can also unplug and store computers away from windows and in plastic bags to keep them dry.

But, I don’t want to stop writing if I don’t have power. I can charge my laptop and cell phones to use without power but I’d want to watch how much I’d use them. But I will need to have plenty of paper and pens on hand if I have to work without power. That means putting those items in waterproof containers in a safe place along with any reference books I want to use as I write and a printout of the current project I’m working on. I’ll also print out the proposal and any notes to do with that project.

I will send my older daughter, who lives in an area safe from the store and has time to help me, a list of my writing contacts, such as my editors, agent, and writing groups. Then if I have little access to other people she can email those contacts and keep them informed of my status. I can also give her my facebook account info so she can sign in and update friends.

At this point it appears that power outage is more likely than wind damage to the house. We don’t have hurricane shutters here so I have to move office supplies and books away from windows and cover them with plastic.

I will also photograph rooms of the house and add them to my cyberspace files as it makes it easier to file insurance claims.

I updated my expense record and put that into cyberspace too.

Then, too, I must take some time to buy canned foods and store them with a hand or battery operated can opener and take care of other important personal items.

Many of these steps are good measures to follow on a regular basis in case of emergency or theft.




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