How to Write Great Articles

by Sarah Hamaker, reluctant marketer

Writing articles is completely different than writing books, so you need to approach article writing from a different perspective. Let’s first talk about the basics of an article.


Marketing: Build Bridges to Your Books

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I’ve been writing for nearly two decades and continually spent time networking to build bridges and marketing strategies. We can’t do everything at once but with persistence we can build various platforms. Let me share how the past has been a bridge to recent and upcoming releases.


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Creating an Article Plan for 2013



Cheri Cowell here:

The New Year is upon us, so do you have an Article Plan for 2013? When my book came out one of the things I did was create a year-long article plan. Much like an evergreen article plan, a year-long article plan for your book takes advantage of the calendar and what editors are already looking to print. Here are the steps to take…


Begin by looking at your book for topics and make a list or the needs it addresses. For instance, in my first book one of the chapters was on discerning God's hand in suffering. In that chapter I used two Bible illustrations, a story from the Holocaust, and three ripped from the headlines stories. I dissected those into three categories: suffering, love, and Holocaust.

Next, look at the calendar and make a list of all of the holidays, holy days, and evergreen article periods. Evergreen articles are those that occur the same time each year such as January is time for articles on goal setting, turning over the new leaf, losing weight and getting fit, and winter blues.

Now look at your book and see how you might address these holidays, holy days, and evergreen article needs. Finally add your topics from step one and you will have a year's worth of article ideas and even deadlines of when they should be submitted. Give this a try and you'll be set for 2013 before you know it.

These ideas also feed into blog posts. To see what I've done with my blogs

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Promoting books through Articles

KarenWhitingArticles tend to reach far more readers than books. That makes it important to write articles for magazines, especially ones that include author bios or links and mention the title of a book. The articles promote the books.

I enjoy writing articles. I also help authors in CAN write for MTL (More to Life) magazine that’s published by the Munce Group (CAN partners with that group to reach out to independent Christian book stores).