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Was I too daring with my attire at the ICRS this year?

Author, Janet Perez Eckles
Author, Janet Perez Eckles

Hola from Janet Perez Eckles…Igniting Your Passion to Overcome

Like most of you, I ponder, reflect, evaluate and pray and pray some more before heading to any writer’s conference or event. I did the same before this past AWSA and ICRS events in Orlando.

This year the decision was easier. I figured that since they were being held in my hometown, hotel expenses would be eliminated. And I could even host some dear friends in our home.

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Benefits for Attending the International Christian Retail Show

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Cheri Cowell here.

I'm often asked why authors should attend the yearly industry conference called the International Christian Retail Show? As I'm preparing to attend this year's convention in Orlando July 15-18, I thought I'd share a few marketing tips for those attending this year or who plan to attend next year in St. Louis.