Bookmarks and Postcards for Marketing


Aloha from Karen

I love having bookmarks for my books. They make great little gifts and also promote books. It’s great to add more than a book title and even better to team up with others for some bookmarks.Bookmarks can hold an amazing amount of information.

CAN creates bookmarks of the next year’s book releases from members. We recently created three to showcase 70 releases coming in 2014.

In The News

Retailer Surprise as Stores Win Bundles of CAN Books



Mollie Flowers

On September 24, dozens of retailers filled the room at the Munce Christian Product Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for devotions with CAN
authors. As retailers arrived, the Munce staff handed out gift bags of bookmarks with seventy titles releasing in 2014 by CAN authors. Retailers use
them for bag stuffers as gifts for their customers. CAN secretary Ava Pennington opened the event with a welcome and devotion from her new re-release Daily Reflections on the Names of God.

CAN president Angela Breidenbach and treasurer Karen Whiting shared a little about Christian Authors Network (CAN) and how CAN partners with stores through Munce to give independent retailers unique content and support.





Next, Cecil Murphy spoke on how words are hugs we give people and his passion to embrace others through books he writes and retailers sell, such as 90
Minutes in Heaven
and I Believe in Miracles.


Logos retailer Wins CAN-authored Books

"LogosStoreWinner"CAN (Christian Authors Network) president Bonnie Calhoun and treasurer Karen Whiting spoke at the Association of Logos Bookstores conference and held a drawing for a bundle of CAN-authored books. The Logos managers hold their conference in tandem with the International Christian Retail Show. Becky Gorczya, executive director for the association said, “Karen Whiting and Bonnie Calhoun joined us with their enthusiastic presentation on successfully using social networking. Many thanks to the CAN authors for providing over $800 in nonfiction and fiction titles for a drawing that capped off the event."

Janet Roberts from the Logos Bookstore of Nassau Bahamas won the books. Janet said it was a big surprise. She is thankful for the generosity of CAN members. The store will celebrate their thirtieth anniversary this September and plans to use many of the books as giveaways during the festivities.