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I love having bookmarks for my books. They make great little gifts and also promote books. It’s great to add more than a book title and even better to team up with others for some bookmarks.Bookmarks can hold an amazing amount of information.

CAN creates bookmarks of the next year’s book releases from members. We recently created three to showcase 70 releases coming in 2014.

"PrincessBookmark"Here’s the backside of a bookmark for my new book, The One Year My Princess Devotions. The front shows the book cover and gives this message from me:

Karen Whiting wants every
little girl to know she is a princess
of God, the King of the universe.
In The One Year My Princess
Devotions, girls will learn about
God and that they belong to
his family. Help your daughter
start a great lifetime habit by
making devotions a special part
of her day. You can count on God
to be with you and your daughter
as you spend time with him.

The back side contains an acrostice that helps parents see the value of using the book and doing devotions.

"Jan_Feb_2014" This is one side of the CAN 2014 releases. Notice is contains information about CAN (website, FB, twitter). We used a background and contrasting colors to make the author names pop.

The reverse side is show too and repeats the same header and footer of CAN information. We changed the background for various sides.





What do we do with bookmarks? Here are some ideas:

  • Pass them out when we speak.
  • Give a bundle to a book retailer to use as bag stuffers.
  • Place them in envelopes when mailing books or notes.
  • Send them with materials to meeting planners.
  • Place one inside a book as we sign it.
  • Keep some in our purse/planner to pass out when we see people

For CAN, we give large bundles to retailers as bag stuffers at conventions. This get them spread around the country to many readers. The stores enjoy bookmarks that provide upcoming titles. Some customers like to know what’s coming and have the latest news and retailers hope the upcoming titles will bring them back to the store and enjoy that they can give customers one as a little gift as they leave.


Other contents I have used or seen on bookmarks:

  • Speaking topics
  • Other book titles/covers
  • Contact information
  • Scripture
  • Mini-testimony
  • Endorsement
  • Trivia related to book topic
  • Tips related to topic (7 warning signs of…)

I won’t leave you hanging without showing the rest last 2014 bookmark done so far. (We’ll do another in December as more members will know upcoming titles by then)

"Summer_Fall_2014"           "Fall_2014"

Plan your next bookmark carefully to get the most mileage out of it.










One thought on “Bookmarks and Postcards for Marketing

Gene Wheeler

November 21, 2013 - 20 : 48 : 00

I have never thought of making postcards as bookmarks before. It will be a good way to pass around in bookstores and libraries too. Thanks for this excellent idea. http://www.zipyourflyer.com/


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