Happy Monday to you from Bonnie Leon.

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In all my yeas of writing I've seen very little resentment, back-biting, or mistrust among my writing friends and acquaintances. However, knowing the human condition (we're very self-centered) I understand that all of these emotions, and more, are present in the writing world. And I know my own heart, which is not always pure.

Still, I’ve mostly seen encouragement between writers, and I’ve watched those with higher skill levels teach and coach others. When I took my first baby steps into this business, gracious mentors unreservedly offered guidance. And today when I put out an SOS for influencers the response is immediate and abundant.

What motivates this display of generosity and self-sacrifice? Family. We're family, and families stick together. And most of us realize we’re part of the same team, meaning we serve the same God. Therefore we do all we can to help one another succeed and we rejoice at others' successes. Although we tend to live within the confines of a small world, there is a much broader picture where our victories glorify our heavenly Father. These victories are not necessarily the one’s that first come to mind, but are more likely changes inside our own hearts or within the hearts of those who read our stories.

 Just as the Holy Spirit shines his light upon Christ we need to become less while we help others become more. It’s a joy to see achievements brighten the lives of our teammates and to know that we were privileged to be part of the process. Rejoicing with, praying for, and serving others brings blessings far more fulfilling than personal achievements.

 Search for ways to come alongside fellow writers and be of help. All of us work long hours, mostly alone and usually for modest financial compensation. Writers do not live a life of ease. Our perseverance is tested daily. We need each other.

 I couldn’t do what I do alone, especially on those days when writing feels more like I’m slogging through mud rather than creating a work of art. The prayers and words of encouragement from my friends help carry me through.  

 May all that we do be done to the glory of God.

Grace and peace to you,