"Pam-FaveHello! Pamela S. Meyers here with another article on book promotion. Back when I was asked to write this monthly blog post, my debut novel, Thyme for Love had just released, and so my focus was on getting the word out about my new book.

Now I am in the beginning of a marketing blitz for a novel that I’ve been blessed to set in my hometown. The official release date for Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is April 1, 2013. However, my publisher Guideposts/Summerside Press surprised me with an early soft release, and it’s been available for purchase on Amazon and several other on-line resources for a couple of weeks.

With this book, I’m wading into new marketing waters thanks to my publisher being able to provide some assistance with marketing.

The setting for my story is a popular getaway spot that gets very crowded on weekends. Since there isn’t a large bookstore in the small town to host a signing event, over the April 27th and 28th weekend I am having a launch presentation and signing at the Geneva Lake Museum—an appropriate venue since my book is historical romance—and the next day I’m signing my book at the
Cornerston"LFYLGe Gift Shop and Gallery, a very nice gift shop that sits at the main intersection of town. If you go back to last month’s blog post, I discuss both of these venues in greater detail.

At the museum event I will employ some of the same things I did at the debut book launch such as a drawing for a gift bag of goodies. You can read an article about that by going here.

These two weekend events are only a couple of the visits I plant to make to Lake Geneva to promote the book. I’m currently in discussion with the Lake Geneva Public Library for an evening event in July or August and also the owner of the town’s only bookstore for another event. The tiny shop is tucked into a corner of a former Baptist church where I hope to hang out for an afternoon and chat with the customers and do a reading or two. I’m also going to drop in to the shop when I’m in town for the museum event and sign any of the books he has available for sale, and when he sells a copy of my signed book he can tell the purchaser I’ll be at the shop to meet the customers on whatever date we decide.

Another possible venue is an annual art festival that takes place in the park next to the lake. I need to investigate to see if they will
let me set up a table to display and sell my book.

All  of these events are new territory for me and I’m very excited. I’ll probably be doing a report in my May blog of what worked and what did not work, so stay tuned!

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