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Greetings from rainy California! With Valentine’s Day around the bend, it’s the perfect time to feature Pamela S. Meyers, author of contemporary and historical romances! I’ve met Pam at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference, and she’s delightful. She’s full of creative promotional ideas, so read on!

Pamela S. Meyers

Pamela S. Meyers

How many books do you have published? What are a few of your latest titles?

Five titles altogether, including Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (my hometown), What Lies Ahead, a novella in a four-author novella collection called The Bucket List Dare, and my newest one, Second Chance Love. Read More →


Hi everyone!

Pam-SuperFave 5Pamela S. Meyers here with my monthly post about marketing
your books.

I feel like I’ve been in the school of hard knocks for most
of the summer as I’ve worked steadily on marketing my book “in the field.” I’ve
seen some really great results and some not-so-great. But that’s okay. I’m

Earlier this summer a marketing book by Rob Eager called Sell Your Book like Wildfire was
recommended to me. It’s been sitting on my shelf for at least four months now.
High time I opened it!

Last week I read the first chapter and already I’ve been
saturated with new knowledge!

How many times are we asked when we meet someone new,
“What’s your book about?” I don’t know about you, but when I’m asked the
question, I give them what amounts to the back-of-the-book blurb, seasoned with
additional information like I was raised in my hometown where the story is setSell Your Book Like Wildfire
and I’ve had really great reviews.

I learned  from Mr. Eager that I should approach this
question differently. He suggests that when a potential reader asks that
question, they are really asking, “What’s in your book for me? What am I going
to get out of it if I buy it?”

My first thought was that for a non-fiction author that’s an
easy question to answer, but what about fiction? He doesn’t leave novelists out
and says we can tell them how seeing the book’s characters overcome difficult
problems in the story, the reader will be helped when facing life’s similar
challenges. (See page 12 if you have the book).

My next task is to take my book and analyze what takeaways I
can bring to the conversation to create an emotional desire to buy the book and
read it. Most fiction writers are familiar with the Goal-Motivation-Conflict
plotting device in developing characterizations and that’s what I’m going to
use as a catalyst to come up with my answer to that question, “What’s your book

What about you? How do you answer the question? Or more
importantly, how will you answer that question in the future?

Author note: I wrote this last week and in reviewing the
post this morning before publishing it to the blog, I was struck that I didn’t
practice what I wrote. Over the weekend I was in a situation where I had to say
more than once what my book was about, and I forgot all about what I learned
last week. What good is any writing craft or marketing book if you don’t apply
it? I learned two lessons.

  1. Address a need for the
    reader that will be satisfied when they read your book.
  2. Apply all the tips and
    lessons you learn about marketing and promotion. Don’t just read them and
    file them away in the recesses of your brain!

You can purchase Sell Your Book Like Wildfire at your
favorite bookstore or your favorite online store such as Amazon
or B&N

I was not given this book by the publisher for review. After
one chapter I know that I’m going to read it from cover to cover!

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Pamela S. Meyers

Pamela S. Meyers here with another post about book marketing.

Since last March I’ve been on a promotion blitz for my April 1 release, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, a historical romance set in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in Wisconsin. I’ve held speaking and signing engagements, given a slideshow presentation on the history of my setting at a museum, a library and even a retirement home. I’ve also held speaking and signing events, and much more.

Last March, I visited the gift shop run by the boat company that gives guided tours of the lake. These tours give a peek into Lake Geneva’s history by showing what is left of late 19th Century/early 20th Century mansions that fill the lakeshore. What a perfect place for my book to be featured! While in the shop, I took note of several other Lake Geneva books, including a self-published time travel set in Lake Geneva that was published over 20 years ago. I remembered when that book first came out and it is still filling the shelves, especially during tourist season.

Walworth III spoke to the store manager about my book and gave her a complimentary copy for her boss, since the boss was out of town. About a week later, the store manager emailed me to ask how they would go about ordering my book. I immediately gave the email address of the woman at Guideposts Publishing and went back to working on preparing for my book launch.

All summer I intended to stop in at the shop and say hello and find out how books sales have been going. The shop is in another village on the lake and not in the actual town of Lake Geneva, and time got away from me.

This past week, I took an out-of-town friend to Lake Geneva to ride one of the excursion boats and
Ready to Embark show off my hometown. While waiting for the boat to begin the tour, one of the boat staff walked past me carrying some books. Was my book on that pile she carried? I raced to the back of the boat and all I saw was some pictoral coffee-table type books and the 20-year-old self-published book. I asked the woman if they ever have my book on board and she said she’d never seen it.

Effort to get my book featured in the giftshop and on local boat tours: Fail

I should have gone back.

After the tour, as the boat was pulling into the dock, the boat captain started telling his passengers all about the self-published book and gave a pretty good pitch. And I sat there sinking lower in my chair…shoulda, coulda, woulda.

As I left the boat, I asked the captain if he was aware of my book and he was not.

Boy, did I learn a big lesson!

And, I hope to all who are reading this now are learning one too. Never, ever drop the ball. To make one contact and think all is well, is not a good idea. The key word is follow-through. Never presume anything.

My book has the potential to linger year after year, the same as the time-travel one does now. It just came out this year, so I have to keep a presence in the stores for years to come — not only the boat company’s gift shop but all of the retail stores in the area.

The interesting thing is that the author of the other book died a few years ago. He’s already done his work and his book is living on, still being purchased and read. Mine could have the same fate if I work hard at it while I can.

What lessons have you learned the hard way when marketing your books?


Hi everyone! Pamela S. Meyers here. I’m sure you’ve all had times when the best laid plans…well you know the old cliche. I had one of those days last week, but I learned some critical lessons how to make sure your planned promotional event goes off without a hitch.

I had a scheduled speaking and signing event to promote my book, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This was an afternoon I had been looking forward to since it was in a unique setting – A retirement home. Little did I know how much this event would turn out to be a learning experience for me.

I planned to show my Keynote presentation (Apple version of Power Point), read an excerpt from the book and then sign the book for any who
wanted to purchase one.


During my Reading They Laughed in the Right Places!

Before I left, I remembered a suggestion someone had made to me to save the slideshow on a flash drive, and I decided to copy it to one that used a memory card. I packed the car and took off, allowing myself about fifteen minutes wiggle room, only to be delayed by road construction!

I arrived ten or fifteen minutes past the actual I’m I planned to arrive, feeling very frazzled. Did I mention we were in the middle of a heat wave? Already the ladies were filing into the room, and I began to unpack. That’s when I suddenly wanted to fall through a trapdoor in the floor.

I’d forgotten my computer!

No problem. I had the presentation saved on the memory card and my new projector had a USB slot for a flash drive. No problem, except …the slot was vertical—not horizontal—and the memory card was too wide. The projector’s outer casing blocked it from going all the way into the slot. I was doomed. But. . . the staff person who invited me had a Mac. Whew! Except she didn’t have Keynote installed.

Long story short, the facility’s resident techie saved the day and got the program to open and the rest of the afternoon went without a hitch. . . until I left and went to use my phone. Dead as dead because I forgot to turn off the GPS after I arrived. But that’s another story.


I Love it When Someone Buys My Book!

Other than entertaining you with the story of my wacky day, and rejoicing with me over God’s provision of workarounds, I hope you picked up on a lesson learned.

Before you go out to any promotional event have a checklist of all the items you need to take. I just made one for myself. You may design yours a bit different, depending on the types of events you do, but if you’d like a PDF of mine, shoot me an email at and I’ll be happy to send you one.



Hi Everyone!

Pamela S. Meyers here with another post on promoting your book. I’m currently in the midst of marketing my latest release, so that’s what I’m writing about this month.
Pam Signing at Museum 4-27 

My historical romance, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin’s original release date was in April, and months ago I scheduled a launch event at the Geneva Lake Museum in Lake Geneva for Saturday, April 27th. That’s me in the picture signing books at the event.

Early on I made out my to-do list.

  •  Prepare a slideshow (PowerPoint) presentation on my personal history with the town and the book’s research.
  •  Contact editor of the local weekly paper and arrange for interview.
  •  Invite special guests.
  •  Send out eblast to my mailing list announcing the dates of both events.
  •  Plan refreshments.
  •  Gather items for gift bag to be raffled off.
  •  Appoint someone to take care of the raffle tickets (no money exchanged, of course!)
  •  Prepare an ad for the museum director to use for promotion. Here it is!

Museum Ad

  •  Plan my attire for the day
  •  Arrange for backup projector in case the one on site fails.
  •  Gather my assortment of vintage items to decorate the space along with a framed collection of vintage postcards of the area that I’ve been collecting

So  I began working on some of these items several months in advance, such as contacting the newspaper editor and inviting him to say a few words at the event because my heroine and hero work for the current paper’s predecessor. We also set up an appointment for him to interview me for a feature article.

Presentation Slideshow

I also began shopping early for items for the gift bag I planned to raffle off. Since the story is set in Lake Geneva, I wanted some items that were clearly from the area. Therefore, whenever I was in town I shopped for the bag. For the bag itself, I custom ordered a canvas bag with a picture of a vintage Lake Geneva postcard imprinted on one side. IA mug from Lake Geneva, a can cooler with a Lake Geneva imprint on it, a reading book light, copies of my three published books, and chocolate, among other things, went into the bag.

For refreshments I decided on cookies and apple juice which I purchased from Costco.

With everything in place, all that was left was to practice my slideshow presentation, over and over and over again!

The day of the event, I packed my car to the brim with the refreshments, a huge tub of books, and everything else I would need. A friend met me at the museum and helped me set everything up. Before I knew it, it was time to change into my new dress and greet my guests.

Everything went without a hitch…well except for when I asked my cousin to draw the winning ticket for the gift bag and she drew her own ticket!!!!