Jen headshot denver 09       Hey, friends! Jennifer Devlin here. I’m so proud of the volunteers who are helping make the Christian Authors Network such a success. From the board who spends many hours each month working tirelessly behind the scenes to members who are helping with various tasks, to member blog posts, we are growing and thriving, and encouraging one another in this writing life. Thank you for all you do!

As I think about our network of writers and readers, I’m reminded how quickly thinks change over time. Writers are constantly learning new techniques to make their words come to life, and implementing the newest marketing tips to help get their books into the hands and hearts of readers. The market, ever so changing, keeps us on our toes too, as we adapt to new contract details and bookstore needs. Adapting to change is a necessary skill we need to cultivate. Why? Change happens fast; especially when time seems to be flying at the speed of sound!

Just think about what a whirlwind the past month has been! It’s hard to believe it’s already November and the leaves are turning and twisting in the wind. In this season of cooler weather and with winter approaching, I find myself entering into a hibernation mode. You know, the stew fixin’, fire building, book reading under a cozy blanket kind of months of life. Can you relate? I realize if I get stuck in a cozy mood too long, I just might find myself in a season of change that I didn’t plan on — changing my dedicated heart into a complacent one that prefers my own comfort over God’s call on my life. We all have that danger of complacency lurking in the cold dark moments of a stormy winter’s night.

As I recognize this desire for personal comfort, I am reminded of the early church. The Book of Acts (4:1-22) recounts a scene in the lives of Peter and John, as they stood before the Sanhedrin. I imagine they would have rather been spending their day by the shore, or in a fishing boat, away from the persecution and harassment they endured those days. Yet, when pressed about why they had the nerve to share the gospel, and by what power they were working, a simple response tells us all we need to know, “…we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

When we want to be cozy, and take a break from the fast pace of life, that’s ok. But, as we evaluate our days and our desires to be used by God, we as writers must live by Acts 4:20. Change may happen, and people may question what we’re doing, but we’ve got to keep our eyes on the goal. We must understand what it is that propels us to write. It is our love of Jesus, and His power over the grave. His gift of salvation. His love of this world He died for, and humble calling to share that truth with the nations.

We are called to pour out our love and witness of Jesus through the stories we craft; through the words on our page. We are a people who “cannot not” share the gospel. Though our details may change, and our desires may ebb and flow with the seasons, God continues to be Lord over our very existence. With this in perspective, even a day spent by the fire will not be lost; it will be used by God as a way to equip us and refuel us for the task ahead…to breath life into a lost and dying world.

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Rob Severson

November 4, 2009 - 10 : 34 : 03

I liked Jennifer’s comments. I would hope that all of us in this site are eager to share our message via our writings and not just for profit. But profit is important too as it provides some support for us to continue. I guess the market will dictate whether we are on the right track, but sites like these are great for us to get known in the market. If anyone is interested in my book please feel free to check out my web site.


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