As I get to know other CAN writers one thing stands out and that is integrity.

That’s something all writers should aspire to have. Each writer is committed to do

his or her best, share information on promotion with others, and meet deadlines.

I want to chat about how integrity helps a writer.

Integrity means wholeness. Each writer with integrity is a whole package and deals with people with sincerity and honesty. That says a lot. It takes time to have the whole package and be able to know the industry, how to write well, and hopefully how to promote. I

However, we can all work on integrity of dealing well with other people, being honest, open, and communicating well. Those are characteristics worth developing for any interaction and any career.

I co-authored a new book with a friend who just turned 90. She’s a wonderful woman of integrity and a treasured friend. I’ve heard horror stories of


where one partner did not have integrity. 97810000000009781426708497

I get calls from publishers and editors to write books because they have heard good things about me. That’s one of the best benefits of working hard for a number of years and staying faithful. I’m not alone in this as I have friends who get referrals and others who have publishers happily anticipating their next book ideas.

Publishing is a small industry so people know one another. Editors talk and share about difficult authors as well as ones they love to work with. Work at being a writer who makes an editor happy.

Integrity also carries over to the reader and listening audience for those who speak about their books. We must deliver what we promise in our book description (that starts with the proposal). We must be gracious and consider the reader more important than ourselves.

God’s word reminds us that to those who are faithful in little things, more will be given (Luke 16:10).

I’m thankful to know so many authors and editors of integrity. These people bless me every day.

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