A DISTANT MELODY by Sarah Sundin 

Review by Carla Stewart

Publisher: Revell; Original
edition (March 1, 2010)

 ISBN-13: 978-0800734213


Once in a while a book comes along that wraps its arms
around you and so enchants you that you don’t want to the story to end. Sarah
Sundin’s debut novel, A Distant Melody,
is one of those books. At the height of WWII, a chance meeting brings Allie
Miller and Walt Novak together, but Allie’s upcoming marriage, arranged by her
wealthy parents, and Walt’s dispatch to pilot a B-17 bomber from an airbase in
England, halts the romance before it has time to spark. Only the letters which
cross the Atlantic keep the flames burning.


At times I felt I had a front row seat in a Bing
Crosby/Frank Sinatra/Betty Hutton movie. The story is warm and witty, with
authentic characters and poignant situations. While Walt deals with the tragedy
of war, Allie is consumed with wedding preparations to a man she doesn’t love
and volunteers for the war effort stateside. Multi-layered with tender
subplots, Sarah weaves this lovely story with finely drawn details and

Did I mention I didn’t want it to end? The good news is that
this is the first book of three in the Wings of Glory series. I can’t wait
until book two. Highly recommended.


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