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Happy Day after Independence Day from Dianne
Neal Matthews. Since the 4th came on a Sunday, many people get today
off from work. But I’m sure there are plenty of writers out there like me—chained
to a desk because of a tight deadline. That hasn’t stopped me from thinking
about freedom, though…

As Americans, we have plenty of reason to be thankful
for our rich heritage of liberty and the freedoms we enjoy every day. As
believers, we enjoy the ultimate freedom in Christ. His sacrificial death has paid
the penalty for our sin; now his Spirit gives us the power to walk away from
enslavement to sin.

Our national and our spiritual freedoms are precious
to us as writers. As we celebrate this holiday, we have a special appreciation
for the freedom we have to write about our faith. And because of our faith, we
don’t just write words for the purpose of entertaining, informing, or making a
few bucks (although it’s good when those are the results). God allows us to
share words that can heal the hurting, comfort the grieving, encourage the weak
and lonely, and even nudge a lost soul toward God’s Kingdom. As we think about
Independence Day, let’s commit to becoming more dependent on the One who has called
us to write, and to being bolder about sharing the life-changing message he has
entrusted to us.