Jeanette Hanscome

Jeanette Hanscome

Hello from Jeanette. I hope you are all enjoying your summer. For me, summer seems to include a lot of movies. Over the weekend I watched one that came highly recommended by my sister Sherry—the Young Victoria. The story followed Queen Victoria as an 18-year-old adjusting to her role as ruler of England. A scene from the end of the film really resonated with me; I couldn’t help applying it to the writing life.

Victoria is married to Prince Albert of Germany and is clearly struggling to let him have a say in things. After all, she is Queen. Though they obviously adore each other, the royal marriage is suffering due to her refusal to relinquish control and his repeatedly-dashed efforts to respect her authority while also knowing that he is a ruler in his own right, not to mention her husband. To complicate things even more, Victoria has a personal adviser to help her make tough decisions, and a nursemaid who has cared for her since childhood and continued in her role after Victoria and Albert’s wedding.

Prince Albert proves his devotion to Victoria through a heroic act that I won’t give away for those of you who haven’t seen the movie. While he is recovering, Victoria’s adviser gently offers her a piece of advice based on his observations: she needs to give Albert a say in things. It was also time to let go of her nursemaid and let her husband care for her. The movie ends shortly after this but the historical notes that precede the credits make it clear that Victoria and Albert flourished in their partnership.

How often do we stumble through our writing journey because we insist on making our own career decisions, fighting God’s leadership rather than partnering with Him? How many times do we brush off the care and guidance that He stands waiting to give because we have too many other advisers and nursemaids in our lives that we can’t bring ourselves to let go of? And how we flourish when we listen to that gentle instruction to, not only give Him a say but let Him lead, and actually have the courage to obey!

In what ways do you need to give God more of a say in your writing life? Personally, my list is probably too long for a blog entry. Join me in the challenge of letting Him rule in this journey called writing, noting how we flourish as we give up what is holding us back.

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