Jen headshot denver 09     Hey, friends! Jennifer Devlin here, wishing you a wonderful season of joy and peace. I love this time of year, especially these few weeks between thankful celebrations and the anticipated gifts under a tree.

As Christians, we’ve so much to be thankful for, and we’ve so much to celebrate — much more than a mere trinket under a tree. In this season God has me thinking of gifts. God places gifts inside the body of believers that glorify Him and build up the Church as a whole all year long! Not just a quick tearing of paper and a glimpse at a surprise, but a lasting, equipping, loving working together of spirits whose hearts are set on the One who gave all.

Yep, that’s where we are. Somewhere between thankful and the ultimate gift. But as we live out these daily lives this side of eternity, I want to take a minute to celebrate with you about what God is doing within CAN. Specifically, with this blog.

Since you’re reading this post, it’s safe to assume you’ve seen the blog. But I ask you, have you shared the news of this resource with your writer friends? With those who contact you wanting advice and assistance as they begin the journey to publication? With seasoned writer friends who have seemingly run out of marketing ideas for their upcoming books? I encourage you to give them the gift of this blog.


Tell them about the archives.

Share how the posts have helped you.

Point out the benefits of such a free resource.

Share the news.


Why? So CAN will have more readers? No. My motive is set on the heart of God. I want you to give the gift of this free CAN blog in order to equip the collective body of believers. It amazes me how the Lord uses such talented writers in our industry, and then how He calls them to freely mentor on blogs, in writer groups, at conferences, and in personal interactions.

My heart is full of praise that many of our CAN members faithfully post on this blog, sharing tips and tools, advice and guidance. All for God’s glory. For the purpose of being a light in the world, and sharing the gospel with the nations. One quick browsing of the archives will reveal the depth of expertise sitting here waiting to be applied to another life.


Will you read?

Will you dig through the archives?

Will you apply what you’ve learned to your journey?

Will you share the news of this free gift with others?

We’d be so glad if you did.


Merry Christmas, and I pray you and your family would have a season filled with praise, adoration of the Savior, and a focus on the eternal hope of salvation.


One thought on “Free Gift Available!

Stephanie Shott

December 2, 2009 - 19 : 51 : 12

Hi Jennifer,
You are so right about CAN. It has been a huge blessing to me as a newbie. I have a book coming out in a few months and the information provided by CAN has helped me on my journey.
I’ll be more than happy to list CAN as a link on my web/blog page and Twitter a few CAN promos periodically.
As a new writer, I’m still learning about marketing through cyberspace while I’m trying to prepare for an effective launch for my book, Ecclesiastes: Understanding What Matters Most. It would not have occurred to me to list CAN as a link and help promote CAN if you hadn’t have written about it in this post.
Thanks. CAN has helped me tremendously and I’m more than glad to give the gift of CAN and promote it to help others and ultimately encourage others to reach the world for Christ with the power of their words.
Eternally His,
Stephanie Shott
Phil 3:7-14


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