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Jocelyn Green

Greetings from Jocelyn Green! If you’re like me, the idea of blogging about your book in an attempt to earn sales is about as appealing to you as standing on the street corner holding a sign that reads “Buy My Book!” And yet, if done strategically and with finesse, blogging is a great way to prove your credibility as an author, connect with readers, and grow your audience.

So, how do we blog about our books without actually blogging about our books?  Here are five ideas which allow solid connections to your books without being as in-your-face as direct mail.

  1. Behind the scenes glimpses. I have shared how my family has inspired my novels, a recipe for my favorite snack while writing on deadline, and an archaeological dig of my desk after turning in a book to the publisher.
  2. Historical background. Since my novels are set during the Civil War, for example, I have posts on amputations, Confederate schoolbooks, and more. But historical blog posts also work for nonfiction. I have several books written for military, so writing about the history of TAPS or inspiring stories from military families in generations past was a natural fit.
  3. Advice for writers. This is easy. Share what has worked for you at various stages of your writing process. Some of my most popular posts have been on how to bolster historical fiction research and top tips for time-starved writers.
  4. Value-added related resource. What interests your readers? Can you help deliver that to them? When I found a free curriculum on Clara Barton, I was happy to blog about it. I also created a home school supplement to accompany my novel Wedded to War. Listing your favorite books is always an easy and valuable post.
  5. Topical how-to inspired by your book. Last December, CAN author Sarah Sundin blogged about tips for giving a military kid a merry Christmas, which related to a character in her World War 2 novella in Where Treetops Glisten. The other authors in that novella collection, Tricia Goyer, and Cara Putnam, posted similar articles on their own blogs.When I had CAN author Grace Fox write a guest post for my blog for military wives, she wrote it on 8 Ways to Keep Your Devotions Vibrant, the perfect choice to help publicize her release Morning Moments with God.Other authors post blog and video tutorials showing how to do crafts that their characters do, such as making soap, rag rugs, candles, and so on. The possibilities along this line are broad and varied.

Blog posts like the above bring value to your readers while whetting their appetite for your work. Happy blogging!

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