Karen Kosman is an inspirational speaker and writer who offers hope to hurting hearts. She brings laughter and tears to her audience through sound biblical truth and her personal story. Her diversified life experiences enable her to speak on many of life’s most difficult topics: Child of an alcoholic, victim of a serial rapist at the tender age of fourteen, marriage, divorce, death of two children, and more. Yet woven throughout her presentation is the truth of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness.

Karen’s joy and zest for life warm hearts. Her wholeness today is due to the healing power of Christ.

For sixteen years Karen happily worked in the medical field. Then a diagnosis of lupus forced her to retire.

It was at this time God placed on her heart that He wanted her to write. Unsure and somewhat confused she prayed, "Lord, English grammar was my worst subject in school." Nevertheless she stepped out in faith and began her writing career.

Today there remains no sign of lupus. At first her doctor said she was in remission, but three specialists later they agree that the lupus is gone. Karen believes that God simply used the diagnosis to change the direction in her life.

God has blessed her with success as an author. He has also blessed her with a loving Christian husband, a wonderful blended family, and beautiful grandchildren. "Life couldn’t get much better," Karen says with a smile. To learn more visit www.karenkosman.com.

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