– by Cheri Cowell

Whether your books are primarily sold through local bookstores or are sold online, learning how to leverage the Author services available at Amazon can boost your sales. Here is how:

Readers today are tech savvy, and when they hear about a good book, listen to an author interview, or even see the book on their local Christian bookstore shelves, they pick up their smartphone and Google the Author and/or look up the book at Amazon. Why? They want to connect with the author, they want to know more about his or her credentials, and they want to see what others are saying about the author and the book.

Amazon Author Tools:

Author Central

Think of Author Central as your “main hub." Beyond creating an author page, which will educate customers about you and your book, you can connect to readers by linking your blog posts, Twitter and Facebook links, and other social media links.

Amazon Forums

Amazon offers a variety of discussion forums for authors, which can help you to network with other authors and expose your book to a new audience interested in your genre. This is a chance to link arms with another author so you can promote his/her work while they rpomote yours.

Amazon Keyword Tags

By using the tagging feature, you can make your book more searchable to potential readers. Check out tags on other books that are similar to yours and create your tags accordingly.

Amazon’s Listmania!

Listmania! is another tool that authors can utilize to reach potential book buyers. Listmania positions your book among other books in your genre by adding your book to book lists.

Amazon “So you’d like to…” Guide

With the Amazon “So you’d like to…” guide, you can actually build a guide around your book topic, which will position you as the expert.

To take full advantage of all that Amazon offers authors and you will see an increase in book sales.


Cheri is an ‘Award Winning Author’ and her Bible study Parables and Word Pictures (AMG) is available at local Christian bookstores and is also listed at Amazon. She can be reached through her website and her Amazon Central Author account.

www.EABooksOnline.com  where Cheri helps authors reach their publishing dreams.

2 thoughts on “Leverage Amazon More Fully As An Author

Sharon A. Lavy

May 7, 2014 - 07 : 11 : 06

So how do you find the tags used on Amazon books?


Cheri Cowell

May 7, 2014 - 09 : 42 : 19

Sorry for the confusion. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The new word for this same concept is “Categories.” Here is what Amazon says about Categories:
You can view the Categories that a book is listed in by scrolling to the bottom of the Product Detail Page to the section titled “Look for Similar Items by Category.”
Browse paths are listed in this format:
Books > Travel > Africa > Morocco
Books > Literature & Fiction > Women’s Fiction > Single Women Literature
We generally limit the number of assigned browse categories to two for each title. When data from publisher feeds is automatically added to a Product Detail Page, it sometimes results in more than two assigned browse paths. We are unable to add more than two categories to the Product Detail Page for a book. You’re welcome to change the existing categories for your title.
To change the browse categories currently assigned to your book, first take some time to peruse the categories in the “Books” section of our store. Once you’ve found the two categories you like, please contact us.
On the Contact Us form:
Under “Select an issue,” select My Books.
Under “Select details,” select Update information about a book.
In the fields that appear, select browse categories, and then I want browse categories in the Product Details section.


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