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Last month I started to share how to develop the marketing section of your proposal. If you missed it, check it out the August 13th post.

Let’s look at the next few elements you can include in your marketing plan.


2. Online presence

This is your website, youtube videos, blog, and places with your presence. Do a google search with your name in quotes and see how many links pop up. My name pops up 33,000 but when I have my name and author I get over 8000 hits. So, ones that really relate to me are 8K+

For your website, include an online press kit and indicate you will have some things in the press kit related to your newest book. I usually add links to interviews abut the book. Consider content you can create for the website (free tip sheets, discussion questins, background information about the book, youtube clips).

Then you can list specific content you will develop for the website, such as free pdf files realted to the book’s topic and a press kit that includes material related to the book, plus youtube video clips that you develop.

3. Print promotion

If you are experienced in getting article published or write a column indicate what types of articles you will write and where you will submit them. Mention past experience (I mention I’ve written hundreds of article for more than sixty publications).

Then you can list article topics and publications you will target.

4. Speaking

Start now to speak locally, especially on your book’s topic. And start to develop events, such as seminars and keynote talks. For children’s books you can develop parties or themed seminars. For books for women, you could develop retreats, seminars, or talks.

Start creating lists of places where you could speak, starting with your church denomination or affiliate groups, such as MOPS if you write for young moms (I speak to girl’s clubs/troops/youth groups on my books for girls).


Then you can list affiliate groups you will contact and the type of events you will offer. You can mention that you will develop a flyer or other promotional material to send to the groups.


5. Media

If you have never done any media interviews volunteer at a local Christian radio telethon and get to know the people. See if they need any content for their website. Mention you are writing a book and ask if they’d be willing to interview you once it is published.

Develop a pitch for radio and a list of questions a host could ask you (ones that relate to the audience and topic, but are not specific to the book.)

Develop a spreadsheet of local and state media to send press releases.

Then you can state that you have a database of media and will send press releases to them. If you are experienced with media, list that within the marketing ideas.


Next month I’ll talk about how to put this together and add unique ideas plus expand some ideas.


Look for the next post on October 8th


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