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As Christian authors we all have a heart to minister to people, but the reality is we also need to make money and market the messages we write. One way to help build passive income, market, and write is with online writing. There are various ways to get paid for online writing, we can usually link from our blog or website to articles we write online, and we can write content that reflects our message.

I write for suite101 and you can find my articles with my profile I am free to choose my own topics at this site and at times write on topics related to my books and link to my blog/website. The pay comes from the page views. Each click adds to what I earn. The articles stay up as long as I write for the site so I continue to earn money on past articles. Titles with links to my most recent articles are automatically posted on the front page of my website providing fresh content there. I have not made a lot there yet, but I have a few friends who have done very well, especially ones who have applied and moved up to feature writers or editors. If you can create popular content it will be reflected in the pay. The title, subheads, and key words you write must be good for search engines as that’s what will attract people to read the articles.

I’ve also written articles for some online magazines and get paid for those too. It takes a bit of exploring market guides and online sites to find some of these markets. These are one time payments.

There are places like e-how where authors can write short how-to pieces. These are evaluated and paid for at once by the editors of the site. It’s a good way to extend a topic if you write how-to books and want to build your expert status.

Check this site that evaluates legitimate ways to get paid for writing online. The ones for writing papers for students are probably not a good ethical choice, but the others are possibilities to investigate. Follow the site a bit and consider what you could write and how it could help market you or your message. Discover if you have a certain amount you must write quarterly or if you are assigned topics or can choose what to write.

Have fun exploring the possibilities!

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