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I sat down to write this month's post and realized I'm tired of marketing. Some of you may find it shocking that I'd admit to that in writing. On the other hand, some of you may find it refreshing, even burden-lightening. I hope it is the later. Don't worry, I'm not throwing in the towel, but there are a few things I've learned from being in this familiar place. As I share with you today, I'm reminding myself of truths that often are lost when we spend so much time and energy marketing.

The first truth is good marketing is about building relationships with readers and building relationships is hard work. It is tiring. It is difficult to put yourself out there day after day, but as writers who promote our messages, that is what we do.

The second truth is that as Christian authors we have a foe who is fiercely working against every effort we make. We can only stand strong so long against this prince of darkness before we grow weak and tired.

The third truth is the enemy of best is good and when it comes to marketing many of us are doing a lot of good, but we aren't doing our best. We hear from experts that we must do this and that so we juggle all these balls and inevitably we grow tired.

As I've said, I've been here before so over time I've fallen prey to these lies even though I know these truths. It is easy to do. The good news is when you and I recognize the symptoms we know it is time to apply the Great Physician's balm. What is it? The first step is to do what our Lord did frequently. He was promoting a new Kingdom and ran into the same obstacles we do. Scriptures tell us he "went away" to pray, to rest, and refuel. We need to get away from computers, cell phones, deadlines, and demands.

The final step is what I do when I'm away with my Lord. I fall on my knees and repent for the umpteenth time of placing myself, my ego, my abilities, my message, my, my my, me, me, me on the throne I've said belongs only to one King. Then I ask my Marketer in Chief to guide me, direct my efforts, open the doors He wants to open, to clear my deck of those things He doesn't want me doing, to help me be an effective instrument in His hands to reach the people He wants me to reach, even if it doesn't bring the numbers the industry tells me makes my efforts a success. Then I must sit and listen.

I'd love to hear what your Marketer in Chief tells you. Then next month, after my time "away" I'll have more to share and I won't be so tired anymore. www.CheriCowell.com

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