My Mini Dream Room by Karen Whiting

Legacy Press

Release date: November 15, 2012

ISBN 978-1584111320

Book description


From the author of the popular God’s Girls series comes
another creative book for girls, one that combines faith and creativity. In My Mini Dream Room girls can create
furniture, curtains, baskets of flowers, pillows, teddy bears and other total
amazing decorations to decorate a mini-bedroom. The littlest action matters to
God and the mini-devotions bring out connections to God with little things and
lesser-known women in the Bible. Girls will have fun and nurture their faith
while creating their very own dream rooms. Girls will enjoy the activities
alone, or with friends, moms, or youth groups.



Karen is a freelance
author of fifteen books for women,
families, and children and former host of the television series Puppets on

Karen uses her
God given
gifts to guide young girls through some of
their most vulnerable and difficult years. Her special talent to wed “fun”
crafts with life lessons can be used by moms, teachers and friends or anyone who
ould like to make a difference.” Arthelene Rippy, Producer &

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