"Pammeyers1"Hi, all. Pamela S. Meyers here, freshly back from the ACFW National Conference in Dallas, with another installment about marketing your new novel.

During my year of blessings in 2011, I received a three-book contract with OakTara Publishing, and a single-title contract with Summerside Press. This fall, the second book in the three-book series is coming out, and next spring the Summerside Press title is to release.

When I received final cover art for both books within days of each other, I didn’t have any time to waste if I were to have a promotional
item to take with me to Dallas. This was important, since Thyme for Love would be available in the bookstore, but obviously not the other two titles. What better way to get the word out than a colorful postcard to place on the table next to the current book? The picture shows the front and back of the postcard. It’s not very clear, but you can get the idea. The front features the beautiful co"Postcardver of my Love Finds You book, and the back, both covers of the OakTara titles (the third in the series is yet to come), along with personal info about me.

The cards arrived within days of my departure, looking gorgeous. As soon as possible I went to the conference bookstore and placed them on the OakTara table next to Thyme for Love and also put some on the Summerside table. I kept the rest of the cards in my conference tote bag and I gave them to editors during appointments, along with my business card—an easy way to show them what I already had contracted. I also gave the cards to authors whenever we shared information about our writing.

Sunday arrived and I was off to the airport, but opportunities still came up for me to share my cards. First with other ACFW members while waiting to board, and later on the flight home when I sat next to a man who was traveling overseas with a Christian singing group. He mentioned his daughter has always wanted to get into writing fiction. Before we went our separate ways, I gave him my card and one of the postcards to give to his daughter, suggesting that she contact me via email if she wanted information on writing fiction or ACFW. He tucked both pieces into his Bible. (Can’t think of a better place to be LOL)

I have come to the conclusion that postcards can be great promo pieces. They are easy to carry around, and they offer more design/information space than a bookmark. You can be sure I’ll be using postcards a lot more for future books.

While in Dallas, I attended marketing workshops, and can’t wait to share in future posts some of what I learned at the conference. So stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “Postcards Aren’t Just for Making People Envious of Your Vacation

Ane Mulligan

September 26, 2012 - 22 : 49 : 27

I love these, Pam. Do y’all ever do them with room for an address to actually mail them to people? Or are they more of a book business card?


Pamela S. Meyers

September 26, 2012 - 22 : 53 : 24

Thanks, Ane. I used a template at Vista Print and the reverse of the card is actually designed to allow for a mailing address on the right side. So, yes you can use them as mailers.
In this instance it was used as a “book business card” as you called it since it was intended for handing out at the conference. A great name for it by the way.


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