Hello from Bonnie here in soggy Oregon. I'm still waiting for spring.

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When I first started creating stories it was just a hobby, something I did for fun once in a while. I never dreamed it would be anything more. But after being side-lined by an auto accident God gave me a new vision, a new way to serve Him. It was through the gift of writing. Though I didn’t fully understand what I was saying yes to, I was committed to the call. God threw open every door, and it was clear that writing books was part of His plan for me. I vowed to remain in the race until He called me elsewhere.

I’ve heard a lot from writers recently about weariness of spirit. The work, discouragement and difficulties of life are wringing the energy and joy from lives. Writers work hard. Sometimes what is required of us is more difficult than we’d imagined. Many, including myself, have considered walking away. However, each time I’m dragged back to my mission. I can’t stay away because it’s where I belong.

It may sound harsh, but once we’ve committed ourselves to God’s call we need to remain faithful. Walking away is not okay. When we set out on this journey did we believe it would be easy? If so, we were naive. No matter where or in what way God calls us to serve we’re going to hit rough patches where we may be thrown off the track. There will be dry places where we thirst and valleys that seem so dark we fear passing through them.

Sometimes the writing life seems too difficult or too painful, but it could be worse. I’m grateful that I get to write. Despite poor wages and long hours, it’s fun to create characters and then jump into their stories. And if along the way I make a positive impact on a reader, then all the better. 

 When we find ourselves worn out or uncertain remember God is our Father.  Seek Him. Fellowship with Him. Rest in Him. Lay your disillusionment, your fatigue and sorrow upon Him. He waits for us, offering love, mercy and wisdom, and it is His strength that will set us on our feet.

Sometimes we do need rest. Don’t push forward when God says stop. Pacing ourselves is not deserting our call. It’s simply being wise and being a good steward of the gifts we've been given. If we keep going when God says stop, we’re working in our own strength, which is no strength at all.

Find joy in service. Turn your hearts toward Christ. And remember that as writers we have the privilege of glorifying God through our gift of writing, which indeed is an honor.

Maybe our work isn’t work after all, but a party instead.

Grace and peace to you from God.

Bonnie  Leon

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