Virelle Kidder

Virelle Kidder

Hi! Virelle Kidder here from sunny Florida!

Have you hit a fallow period in your writing? Doesn’t everybody once in awhile? Maybe you just left a big conference with no book contracts, not even a nibble, and everyone but you is glowing with good news. Instead of thinking your career is over and burying your grief in chocolate or ice cream, consider this a brief writing holiday and try a new strategy.

First, take care of yourself, the part of you that’s been neglected. You might need a good nap, or a string of them. Whether it’s rest or exercise, medical problems or relationship issues, take care of those now while you have a pause in your writing deadlines. Watch funny movies and make popcorn. Laughter is a great tonic.

Next, reevaluate your writing space. It may need more than a good cleaning. How about a fresh coat of paint, a new chair or lamp, dead files pruned from your file cabinet, music while you work, even a new plant beside your computer screen. Make your workspace welcoming every day.

Ask friends to pray for new ideas as you write. Winners often say they just showed up when everyone else quit. Promise yourself you will show up at your computer daily, writing at least 500 words a day, no matter what it is. Keep a journal of ideas, stimulating your mind by reading in different genres. Hound bookstores and libraries, join a local writing group. It won’t be long before the joy of a new project will grip you again.

Above all, trust God. Everything else is second best. While you’re at it, write yourself a check for $1000 and pin it on your computer. You can cash it the day your next advance arrives. 🙂


Virelle Kidder is the author of six non-fiction books and countless articles. Her new novel, The Bad Daughter Club, is currently seeking a publisher and her latest release is Is That You, God? Virelle and her husband Steve live on Florida’s east coast. They have four adult children and nine grandchildren.

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