Carol McAdams Moore

Carol McAdams Moore

Back-to-school is a great time to market books. If you write for adults, you may think this is not true. After all, many families are spending their money on school supplies and new clothes for the kids – right?

Here are some ways to market your books during this transition period.

Consider Your Audience

  • Children are making a transition into new routines for the school year. Now is a great time for them to start with a new devotional. I posted about that here.
  • Many kids will also be reading books of their choosing for school assignments and free reading time.
  • Parents and grandparents will have a little extra time on their hands as the kids are in school. Now is a great time to promote your books for the adults in the world who may see the upcoming months as a quieter time to get caught up on their reading.

Plan a Back-to-School Giveaway

Keep the buzz going about your books. Offer back-to-school giveaways for children and adults. Here are some places to do that:

  • On your own website or blog
  • Goodreads
  • Basket giveaway at a book event or community function

Expand Your Markets

Libraries and schools are buying books. Research marketing possibilities with them. Coordinate a speaking engagement that will touch on some aspect of your book.

Stop in gift shops (such as in restaurants and hospitals) with a sample copy of your book. People are always looking for quality gifts.

Plan Ahead

Christmas is just around the corner. Again, people are always looking for gifts. Plan your Christmas marketing campaign now.

What ideas for marketing have you found useful at back-to-school time?


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