Linore Rose Burkard’s first book in The Brides of Mayfair

series, Miss Tavistock’s Mistake, released this month…

Miss Tavistock's Mistake

Miss Tavistock’s Mistake

Can Miss Tavistock’s mistake ever be undone?

Book One of a new series by an award-winning Regency author brings a much-awaited delightful romance in the vein of Heyer. Sweet and clean meets laugh-out-loud in this period romp that’s sure to please romance fans of all ilks.

Check out this review of Miss Tavistock’s Mistake:

Burkard, the author of Forever, Lately (2019), offers a humorous romp about misunderstanding and forgiveness amid the blindness of love.

As the story opens, Feodora Margaret Tavistock is a 9-year-old orphan and the newly adopted ward of her kindly but isolated uncle, the Duke of Trent. She’s rescued from a switch-clutching housekeeper by Gabriel Rempeare, a teenage cousin to whom she’s already betrothed, and she treasures this dashing memory throughout her adolescence.

At 19, she’s a beautiful, spirited woman, and she awaits Gabriel’s return from a stint in the navy. However, a series of misunderstandings lead her to believe that he’s dissolute and unfaithful. A combative exchange culminates in her assumption of another identity, “Lady X,” a gossip columnist’s moniker for Margaret Chrissendon, her uncle’s alleged mistress. Feodora finds herself thrust into a web of obfuscation, reluctantly supported by her chaperon, Mrs. Filbert. She’s still determined to pursue a social season in London, and she attempts to convince Gabriel that she truly is “Lady X”—and she also gives Margaret permission to assume her identity. It’s a tenuous arrangement, and as Feodora and Gabriel fall in love, she fears that the truth will end her chance to be his bride.

Over the course of this lighthearted, romantic series starter, Burkard combines elements of Sense and Sensibility and The Importance of Being Earnest to craft a delightful and comedic story that will certainly please historical fiction aficionados and those who enjoy wholesome, romantic stories. Burkard has also clearly done her research to immerse the reader in real-life historical context, including true events in the background to her light narrative. The book’s romantic tension, lush environments, and light comedy combine to provide readers with a sweet, heartwarming reading experience.

A clever tale that’s sure to delight fans of historical romance. ~ Kirkus Reviews

Linore Rose Burkard, Author

Linore Rose Burkard, Author

Linore Rose Burkard is a serious watcher of period films, a Janeite, and hopeless romantic. Best known for Inspirational Regency Romance, Linore also writes contemporary romance and YA/Suspense.  Linore has a magna cum laude English Lit. degree from CUNY which she earned while taking herself far too seriously. She now resides in Ohio with her husband and children, where she turns her youthful angst into character or humor-driven plots.



Shadow of the Dagger by Anne Greene

Shadow of the Dagger by Anne Greene

Shadow of the Dagger: by Anne Greene

Three people are murdered and one kidnapped to find the solution to a priceless treasure map. As Nicole Phillips seeks to find her kidnapped brother, she doesn’t know whom to trust. No one is who they appear to be. All is deception.

To bring his brother’s murderer to justice, CIA Intel Analyst, Josh Baruch, lays his life on the line. Can he walk the tightrope between obeying the killers’ instructions and bringing them to justice?

Because Nicole’s husband died in a mysterious plane crash, she fears falling in love again with a reckless, danger-loving type like her late husband. Josh Baruch, the CIA Analyst using her as bait to track her brother’s kidnapper, is just such a risk-taking man. Besides living on the edge, Josh is bitter about women and questions God.


The following book review is reprinted by permission of Janet Chester Bly:

This is the first Anne Greene novel I’ve read. Won’t be the last. Shadow of the Dagger jumps right into tension and never lets up. Vivid details, fascinating characters, and tight writing style push the story forward. Greene immerses the reader in the exotic Turkish culture, history, and ancient traditions, including the confining rules for women. She also portrays the breadth of beautiful countrysides and cityscapes with the intriguing architecture and confusion of mazes and corridors. Good pacing of changing POV scenes. Suspense couples with smoldering, yet controlled romance scenes. A complex plot brims with inner and outer conflict, mistrust and betrayal. Nicole Phillips is a gutsy heroine, full of faith, and I so relate to her directional dyslexia.

            ~ Janet Chester Bly, author of The Trials of Reba Cahill series.


Anne Greene, Author

Anne Greene, Author

Anne Greene loves writing about alpha heroes who aren’t afraid to fall on their knees in prayer and about gutsy heroines. Her first book in her CIA Operatives series opens with Shadow of the Dagger. Her Women of Courage series spotlights heroic women of World War II. Blast off with Angel With Steel Wings. Her Holly Garden, Private Investigator series opens with Red Is For Rookie. Enjoy her award-winning Scottish historical romances. Anne hopes her stories transport you to awesome new worlds and touch your heart. Discover more about Anne at:




The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus by Janet McHenry

The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus

Janet Holm McHenry’s book, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus, published by Bethany House, is the only comprehensive book on the prayer life of Jesus. This nonfiction Christian living book is an engaging, vivid journey through the recorded prayers of Jesus as well as his practices and teachings on prayer. It provides to the reader:

  • Background, context, and a detailed look at each of Jesus’ prayers
  • Jesus’ teachings on prayer
  • A look at Jesus’s prayer practices
  • Scripture-based prayers along with questions for personal or group use.


Check out this book review:

“Have you ever echoed the disciple’s request, ‘Lord, teach us to pray’? Could your own prayer life use some tweaking or, better yet, an infusion of power and purpose? Then join me in welcoming Janet McHenry’s new book The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus: What Jesus Prayed and How It Can Change Your Life Today. Through a lifetime journey of drawing ear to God in prayer, McHenry lifts up more than a dozen different instances in the life of Jesus when he prayed intentionally–in times of praise, crisis, temptation, blessing, and provision. In this abundance of biblical teaching, we discover not only how to pray but also how to apply these scriptural principles to our own lives. This is the beauty of the author’s authentic stories of grappling with prayer in the trenches of marriage, parenthood, teaching, and writing–if she can do it, so can we! My favorite parts were her biblically based prayers that so beautifully concluded and summarized each chapter–I will be praying those even after I’ve finished the book. If you really want to ignite your prayer life, look no further than Jesus himself and let Janet McHenry’s wonderful new book be your guide.”

(review by Lucinda Secrest McDowell – reprinted with permission)


Janet McHenry, Author

Janet McHenry, Author

Janet McHenry, Author[/caption]Janet Holm McHenry is the author of twenty-four books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk. Featured on radio and in magazines, including Health and Family Circle, Janet is known for prayerwalking her small town in the Sierra Valley, where she and her rancher husband, Craig, raised four children. She coordinates the prayer ministries at The Bridge Church in Reno, is a county coordinator for the National Day of Prayer, organizes an annual prayerwalk for the schools, and loves speaking about developing a deeper relationship with her prayer teacher, Jesus.


Direct Threat by Kimberly Rose Johnson

Direct Threat by Kimberly Rose Johnson

Direct Threat

A book review of Kimberly Rose Johnson’s romantic mystery, Direct Threat, which released June 1, 2020.

One little girl.
Two bodyguards.
Only one chance to guard their hearts.


In Direct Threat, Kimberly Rose Johnson has created a book that will pull readers into a sweet romance laced with mystery and a dash of suspense. Sent to protect a child for the summer, Carissa Jones finds her heart opening to the child and to the possibility of love. But first she has to decide who to trust and who is the direct threat. A page turner that is perfect for a quick weekend read.

(Shared with permission of Cara Putman,
best-selling, award-winning author of Flight Risk.)


Kimberly Rose Johnson, Author

Kimberly Rose Johnson, Author

Award winning author Kimberly Rose Johnson married her college sweetheart and lives in the Pacific Northwest. From a young child, Kimberly has been an avid reader. That love of reading fostered a creative mind and led to her passion for writing. She especially loves romance and writes contemporary romance that warms the heart and feeds the soul.

Kimberly holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.



Book 3 in Davalynn Spencer’s series, Front Range Brides, will be released June 4, 2020. So you’ll want to get caught up with Books 1 & 2 in this series of inspirational western romances!

Check out the first two books, starting with a review of An Improper Proposal:

An Improper Proposal

An Improper Proposal

Ya’ll better hold on to your cowboy hats because Davalynn Spencer is about to take you on the ride of your life in her latest Western novel, An Improper Proposal.

As a mail-order bride traveling across state lines to meet her intended, Mae Ann Remington never imagined she’d be robbed at gun point and widowed minutes before marrying. When a handsome cowboy, Cade Parker, ushers her away from the robbery scene to a safe haven, Mae Ann determines there is only one thing to do if she’s to survive in life…propose to Cade. Surely a handsome, single cowboy is in need of a wife, right?

Cade must be crazy to take on a city gal for a wife, but when the pretty lady proposes, it doesn’t take much for him to jump on the idea. But the minute his boots hit his land, he starts second-guessing the rash decision he agreed to. With cattle rustlers stealing from his herd, and a neighboring rancher wreaking havoc, will Cade be able to keep his new bride safe from harm’s way? And with Mae Ann so obviously in love with her deceased intended, does Cade even stand a chance at wooing her heart?

An Improper Proposal lassoed my attention from the very first paragraph. I really enjoyed meeting Cade with his charming smiles and fierce protectiveness, and Mae Ann with her quiet determination and strength. This is my first read of Davalynn’s works, but I’m quite confident to say I will be adding her previous novels to my TBR list. I’m intrigued to see where Davalynn takes her readers next in the Front Range Bride series and already itchy with anticipation for book two.

(Shared with permission of reviewer Michaela Weidinger.)

Which brings us to this next review of Book 2 in the Front Range Brides series, An Unexpected Redemption:

An Unexpected Redemption by Davalynn Spencer

An Unexpected Redemption

An Unexpected Redemption is an inspirational story about releasing the guilt we carry from past mistakes and transgressions. A powerful lesson of forgiveness that when embraced leads us to experience the freedom God’s offers. Sometimes the person we need to forgive is ourselves. Elizabeth and Garrett were two delightful characters I enjoyed getting to know through the author’s engaging writing, poetic at times. The author pens a stirring story filled with faith, humor, romance and mystery. It can be read as a standalone but characters from Book 1 make an appearance so treat yourself to reading that story first. Maggie endeared herself to me, a wise woman.

Favorite quotes:

    • “Oh, it’s not reaction, dear. It’s response, and that’s altogether different. We get to choose our responses-anger, trust, kindness, et cetera. More often than not, we just don’t think about it.”
    • “If God can make everything new again, in spite of the hard, painful parts, then we should let Him.”

(Shared with permission of reviewer Diane Englehardt.)


Author Davalynn Spencer

Author Davalynn Spencer

Bestselling author and winner of the Will Rogers Gold Medallion for Inspirational Western Fiction, Davalynn Spencer is the wife and mother of professional rodeo bullfighters and can’t stop #lovingthecowboy. When she’s not writing Western romance, she teaches writing workshops and wrangles Blue the Cowdog and mouse detectors Annie and Oakley.