DSC_0458[1]Happy Thursday from Jeanette Hanscome! I started a new book recently that I’m extremely excited about, not because I’m writing the book that I’ve always wanted to write or finally got a new contract (we don’t have one yet), but because I’m helping someone else tell their story.

About a year ago, a beautiful couple from church asked me to help them write a book. They have an unbelievable story of healing and experiencing God’s strength through the unimaginable. Since the ordeal, they have been called on repeatedly to speak, and whenever they do, someone asks, “Do you have a book?” They aren’t writers, had no idea where to start, and dreaded the idea of visiting that season, so they always had to answer no. When they did feel ready, however, they asked me. After a year of life getting in the way, we finally got started recently. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the most rewarding projects that I have ever worked on. If they were in a position where they couldn’t pay me much or anything, I would still do it, gladly.

This project is a wonderful reminder that our writing career is not always about us pursuing our dreams or sharing what God put on our hearts. Sometimes it’s about helping someone else, who does not have the ability or knowledge of the publishing industry, tell their story. Non-writers have a lot to say too. Some of them have stories that are even more powerful than those rolling around in our imaginations. As I’ve learned, the non-writer is not the only one who benefits. Writing this couple’s story continues to encourage me and offer much-needed hope that God is not limited by percentages, predictions, or how awful things look—that He has a way of leaving us boggled, with no other explanation except, “It was God.” So their need for help turned into a gift for me.

When have you been able to use your writing gift to benefit someone else? How did God bless you in the process?

2 thoughts on “Let Someone Else Benefit

Phyllis Q Freeman

March 9, 2012 - 17 : 21 : 40

Jeanette, recently I was privileged to share a dramatic reading at a writers’ conference. The response blessed me and the reading seemed to bless the group. I’ve shared the reading with those who wanted to offer it to their church via a drama. Just to know the “revived” reading would bless other groups and churches was reward enough for the writing (from 20 years ago).


Marti Pieper

March 9, 2012 - 19 : 10 : 26

Jeanette, volunteering to do what you’re describing is what launched me from articles to books. Since then, I’ve continued to serve as ghost- and collaborative writer. I empathize with your journey and know God has chosen you for such a time and opportunity as this. Blessings!


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