Candle Love by MaryAnn Diorio

Candle Love by MaryAnn Diorio

Four-year-old Keisha has a new baby sister. But Keisha does not want a new baby sister. Keisha is afraid that Mama will love Baby Tamara more than Mama loves her. When Mama shows Keisha three special candles, Keisha learns that there is always enough love for everyone because the more one shares love, the more love grows.



Dr. MaryAnn Diorio is an award-winning author, novelist, and poet. She writes novels, novellas, short stories, and poetry for both adults and children. She is also a fine artist and works in oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencil, and pen-and-ink.

In 1979, MaryAnn accepted the call of God on her life to become a writer. Since then, she has written several hundred articles, short stories, and poems that have appeared in over 100 national magazines, newspapers, and journals, including The Saturday Evening Post and Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine. She also served as head writer for a regional television series, Teen Machine.


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