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Sarah Sundin
Sarah Sundin

Greetings from Sarah Sundin in California! Today I have the joy of chatting with Doreen Hanna, who has made a career out of helping young ladies discover their royalty in Christ and to enter womanhood with grace. And isn’t that lovely?

Doreen, please tell us about your book.

Doreen Hanna
Doreen Hanna

Raising a Modern-Day Princess was written to mothers and mentors of teenage girls providing insights on the challenges and rewards of raising teenage girls. It also contains personal stories that reveal the value of a rite of passage journey that ends in a life-impacting blessing ceremony.

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Raising A Young Modern Day Princess 

By Doreen Hanna & Karen Whiting

Tyndale House Publishers

September 1, 2016

ISBN:  978-1-58997-866-9


Authors Doreen Hanna and Karen Whiting engage parents through insightful, heartwarming and sometimes humorous stories of how, or how not to, establish the fruit of the spirit, in their daughters (ages 4-10) lives. Over 100 practical application activities are included throughout the book. A bonus addition to the book is the Dad’s Tool Box that is present in each chapter. This journey ends with a special blessing ceremony, celebrating their knowledge and the growth of the fruit of the spirit in their little lives.


Together, We Are Stronger: The Power of Co-Authoring


This week, I signed a contract with Harvest House Publishers for my 45th book.  This one is a wonderful collaboration between myself and a wonderful Bible study teacher, Jean Jones and a very talented artist in Karla Dornacher  (see Karla on Etsy). We each bring our strengths to the book and we also pull our platforms together for greater reach and influence.

hope in pslams collage of writers higher rez

I have had the joy of co-authoring with some amazing people:jill saveage hearts pic

Jill Savage,  the founder and President of Hearts at Home  for Got Teens?  (Harvest House)

Doreen Hanna, the founder and President of Modern Day Princess ministry for Raising a Modern Day PrincePam and doreen pix princess party nov 2010 ass (for parents and leaders) and Becoming a Modern Day Princess for tween and teen girls (Focus on the Family/Tyndale)

Dawn Wilson, popular blogger at Upgrade with Dawn and founder of Heart Choices ministry for pam and dawn and LOl top of dial atlantaLOL with God: Messages of Hope and Help for Women

Stephen Aurterburn, Founder of New Life, Women of Faith and popular author of numerous titles for Devotions for Women on the Go ( and my steve Aurterburnhusband, Bill,  co-authored Devotions for Men on the Go Tyndale Publishers)

Chad Eastham teamed with us to reach the next generation with Guys are Waffles, Girls are like Spaghetti (Thomas Nelson)

And most importantly, my husband, Bill and I regularly co-author marriage and parenting books (to date   approximately half of our books are co-authored together) . A few of our most popular, bestselling titles are Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti; Red Hot Monogamy; 10 Best Decisions a Couple Can Make and 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make.

We actually started our publishing career with a co-authored book, where we teamed with our mentors, Jim and Sally Conway and jim conway and bill miwrite: Pure Pleasure Making Your Marriage a Great Affair.

“Two are better than one” is a phrase often heard at weddings, but that concept can be extended to ministry and business relationships:

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor (Eccl 4:9)

The upside reasons to co-author:

Greater Flexibility: It may or may not be less time writing—because the time you save on sharing writing will be taken up with conversations, but it is less time in front of the screen and at the keyboard – typically. This team-player approach maybe helpful if you have a full plate of speaking engagements or a day job because you often “take turns” doing pieces of the book so your work time can be a little more diversified in the various tasks—not just mainly in front of the screen.

Bill and Pam Farrel
Bill and Pam Farrel

Greater Audience Reach: books that are co-authored or collaborations bring  each author’s sphere of influence into the circle come launch time. It could also mean a varied platform as one of you might be terrific at Instagram while the other rocks facebook. One might have a radio show or podcast while the other has a powerful online video presence. A co author might also have a reach into an audience you don’t have. For example, when we teamed with youth speaker of women of Faith’s  Revolve tour, Chad Eastham, so he could translate our “Waffles & Spaghetti” material to the net generation.

Greater  Trust: Often in a co-authoring situation, a reader will see two trusted or three trusted names and the power of so many quality people in one book is appealing so it can move a persons to buy the book.

Greater Balance: Sometimes co-authoring will help you gain those few extra hours to sleep, work out, or spend with your spouse of family.

Greater Veracity: With many voices, you must have agreement of theology. You are less likely to go off track spiritually with greater accountability.

Greater Friendships: All our co-authors have become dear friends because of the honest conversations and numerous hours spent connecting over deep, important ideas. We have also remained friends because up front we talk over co-author details so everyone if unified and pulling in one direction. We always have an agreed upon mediator, and to date we have never had to use that person/company.

Greater Synergy: Having varied ideas, styles, voices, passions is electric!  You may just enjoy the energy and excitement of a team project.

Co-authoring isn’t for everyone—but it could be for you.

Pam and Bill Farrel are the co- Directors of Their newest co-authored book is A Couple’s Journey with God

Writing Business

Tips from the Pros: Doreen Hanna


Greetings from Sarah Sundin! Today I have the honor of interviewing royalty! Doreen Hanna is known as the Queen of the Princesses for her work in guiding young ladies to see their worth as princesses—as daughters of the King of kings. So put on your crowns and listen to what Doreen has to share.


Doreen, how did you get into writing?

I had written a curriculum that I wanted published. After after several months of attempting to secure a contract for me my literary agent stated, “Have you ever considered writing a book?” “No,” was my immediate response. It seemed like too big of a project, even though I had written various stories for other author’s compilation books.

However, after some thoughtful reflection I realized God had been preparing me for such a time as this. I reflected on the honor that had been bestowed upon me to be embraced as a faculty member of CLASSeminars. They had incorporated a writer’s conference under their umbrella and I had been working them, and often attended classes! I began to consider that far greater visibility would be accomplished for the curriculum by writing a book about the need and the wonderful end results that come from implementing it.


Tip for Speakers

"Manners are the beginning of integrity."

The first time I read that quote I thought how simple yet profound.  I pondered for a moment how simple etiquette reveals immediately whether or or not we courteous, considerate and grateful. And, when it is present it refreshes everyone who happens to encounter it.

As speakers, we are often the ultimate focal point of someone’s event.  Therefore we are lavished with praise, gifts and our every need is attempted to met.  In return, what are we giving beside a great talk?

Having been both a Women’s Ministry Leader and still a speaker I have sat on both sides of the table. Therefore, I’d like to share from a Hostess’s point of view for a moment.  For example, I remember…

Observing one speaker’s table manners and how it revealed her lack of patience.  She immediately reached across the table for the sweetener and in an irritable manner called the waitress because she hadn’t gotten her 2nd cup of coffee quickly enough

Note: Your hostess wants you to model what they want the audience to become.

On the other hand another speaker stated "Please," upon her every request and "Thank You" at every appropriate opportunity. Note: A hostess desires to be respected as a person and leader.

One quite famous speaker revealed her gratitude for the opportunity to speak by giving more in her gift to us than the honorarium we were able to afford to give her.   Note: Prepare to always have a gift to say thank you to your host church and something special also for the one who might host you personally.

These examples helped set the bar for me as an up and coming speaker.

As Christian speakers we can re-ignite the flame of  good manners by modeling them whether its daily among family and friends or when we are called to speak at a humble or highly attended event.

Respectfully submitted,

Doreen Hanna







The Power of Our Words

"GoodHi from Doreen Hanna,

Speaking was the most effective and efficient way to reach our audie"RMDPnce for many years.  Now,we are writing more than ever and reaching a greater audience.  In the midst of this, sometimes exciting and other times challenging change, it is easy to forget the value of keeping our speaking skills strong.