"GoodHi from Doreen Hanna,

Speaking was the most effective and efficient way to reach our audie"RMDPnce for many years.  Now,we are writing more than ever and reaching a greater audience.  In the midst of this, sometimes exciting and other times challenging change, it is easy to forget the value of keeping our speaking skills strong. 


As it can often happen for us writers, we may be asked unexpectedly  for an interview or speaking engagement that will increase our book sales, but we're not feeling as confident because we haven't spoken in awhile.Therefore, as we begin this new year I would like to refresh our minds and also provide some new thoughts regarding our speaking skills.

I had the privilege of being mentored by the incredible well known speaker, writer and speaker's trainer: Florence Littauer. Thus, you might hear her voice as I write because her wisdom filled words flowed into my heart and life on this topic.  "Florence

Let's start this project with one very basic tip. Posture. Whether we are standing in front of an audience, sitting in a studio, or we are on a phone interview, our voice projection is always better when we stand or sit up straight. It aligns our minds and bodies that are both needed for clarity of mind.  It actually assists in the blood flow to our brains. The way we posture ourselves also increases our confidence and will reveal that to others. Simple but profound.

I hope that you will join me today in pulling back those shoulders, taking in a deeper breathe and discover how it will naturally give you a rewed sense of boldness and confidence.

Confidently yours,

Doreen Hanna




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