Author, Janet Perez Eckles

Author, Janet Perez Eckles

“No way,” I said to the lady across the counter at the airport, “that bag has my make-up.

Isn’t that crazy? When I was told my bags took their own trip to a different location, I panicked. Not worried about my clothes, books or material for the presentation, I was fretting for my make-up.

Why are we that way? Why do we allow our muscles to stiffen over silly things? We fret about the glitches that really don’t matter that much.

In years and years of traveling alone, I learned to pack the essentials—lots of patience, flexibility, and a sense of humor.

I put this into practice when, in addition to being parted from my luggage, I had missed flights. I ended up at the wrong gate. Spilled drinks on my business suit. And more than once, talked to no one there. This latter episode is unique to me because, being blind, I assume I have a passenger beside me and begin a simple conversation. After moments of no response, I figure out I am alone and talking to no one.

Rather than blush, I do what I always do—dip into my reserve sense of humor and record the incident. Adding to the stories I share with my audiences.

No incident goes to waste. Instead, I record them. And here are some of the insights I tucked in the carry-on of my heart. They make my travels enjoyable, entertaining, and enriching.

• Glitches are often God’s way to test our faith.

• Missed flights are God’s way to prove He has His own itinerary.

• Frustrating moments are God’s ways to sharpen our patience.

• Lost luggage is our way to prove our trust in God.

• Obstacles are divine opportunities to seek God’s solutions.

• Long trips are God’s proof that He alone gives us strength.

• Embarrassing moments are God’s ways to teach us humility.

While traveling to speaking engagements, book signings, or conferences, how we handle travel’s adversities reveals much about the character we display before others. And our reaction reveals our commitment to the King.

And when reaching our destination, the attitude we display frames the impact we’ll make on those who hear our message.

No wonder Paul was so successful in his travels. He wasn’t a stranger to glitches on his way to spread the Gospel—he was shipwrecked, put in prison, flogged, beaten, insulted, and persecuted (sad details in 1 Corinthians 2:22-27). But, and perhaps a bit disheveled, he reached his destination fully equipped and with passion on full. And what happens to us? We just lose our make-up.



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Janet Perez Eckles travels with a white cane to see the best of life.

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