Carol McAdams Moore

Carol McAdams Moore

A note from Carol McAdams Moore

Last month, Karen Whiting completed a three part blog series on creating the marketing section of a proposal. Let’s talk about how to implement a marketing or promotional plan for a book signing. For purposes of this post, let’s consider how to plan a book signing with an independent Christian bookstore. Here are six steps to consider.

  1. Contact the store owner or manager to see of they are open to a book signing. If so, select a mutually convenient date. If  possible, choose a date that is at least one month in the future.
  2. Discuss who will supply the books. In some cases, the author will supply the books. In other situations, the books might be sent directly from the publisher.
  3. Plan how the event will be promoted. Ideally, the bookstore and the author will both be promoting the event to reach the maximum number of people.  Consider social media posts, group emails, press releases, and mailings as ways to get the word out.
  4. Try to supply the bookstore with some promotional materials such as bookmarks (for bag stuffers) and posters.
  5. Continue to promote after the event. Sharing pictures of the book signing is a win-win for everyone involved. Future readers will be reminded where they can get your book, and the bookstore will have some advertisement even after the event.
  6. Follow up with a hand written thank you note.

What book signing ideas have been successful for you?


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