Inspiration for Writers

When Words Won’t Work


Hello from CAN Secretary Jeanette Hanscome. Like most CAN members, my writing life is often complicated by . . . well . . . life. As I write, edit, and teach I am also dealing with some stuff that will eventually provide riveting material for a novel or devotional book but for now is just plain discouraging and frustrating. As if the circumstance wasn’t upsetting enough on its own, I’ve also had to accept that I can’t do anything now but pray. I’ve argued, debated, and spoken the truth in love only to discover that my gift for words will not change things.

Someone I love is making choices that just might burn bridges and result in painful lessons. As much as the Mama Bear in me wants to continue talking sense into him, I know this is between him and God. As a friend pointed out today, my prayers will most likely make more of an impact than my words right now.

For those of us who live to change lives and hearts with our words, there are few things more paralyzing than hearing “Nothing you can say will change this.” That’s when we really need to practice faith and let God’s words take over. So that’s what I’m trying to do—get out of the way so this precious soul can (hopefully) hear God speak and obey. Words are such a part of my daily existence that I forget, sometimes God needs to do the talking and heart changing while I keep quiet.

If you are in a similar battle, where nothing you can say or write will alter your circumstances, take heart. God has an even better way with words than we do. Now if we can just get a guarantee that those involved will listen to Him!