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Georgia Shaffer

Georgia Shaffer from Pennsylvania

While you may have a blog or are considering writing one, you may also want to think about having a newsletter.  Newsletters can increase the number of people you reach and also build awareness of the various resources you have available. Darren Rowse, a professional blogger, speaker and consultant said, “I don’t sell services or products in my blog but I do sell through my newsletter.” Many of my author friends find his statement to be true for them too. They have both a blog and a newsletter. But it is in the latter that they often market their books, coaching or speaking services.

At two different conferences, on opposite sides of the country, that I attended last year, several presenters touted the benefits of having a newsletter. I found this especially helpful since I was wondering if my monthly email newsletter was as outdated as that cassette tape. It turns out a newsletter is one of the top ways to engage with others because it provides these benefits:

  • A structure to invite people into your life, writing or business by subscribing to your newsletter. 

It is true that readers can also subscribe to a blog. It turns out, however, that many will read a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter but ignore more frequent blog posts in their inbox.

  • A way to consistently engage, again without overdoing it, with potential clients. 

Repeated gentle touches with readers remind them of our writing and how we seek to help them solve problems, encourage them or deal with sticky issues.

  • An opportunity to repeatedly affirm the value you have to offer. 

I have favorite authors and usually read everything that they write because they have inspired me, provided helpful information in the past or write about fresh new ideas. They have shown me over time the different ways they can make my life better.

  • A tool to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t. 

I wrote a newsletter article one month titled the “High Cost of Negative Relationships” and received lots of positive responses from readers. Their feedback encouraged me to devote one chapter in my book Avoiding the 12 Relationship Mistakes Women Make to exploring this topic.

If you do not have a newsletter, consider developing one. Newsletters are another way you can build relationships with readers, inform them of the various resources you offer and help them, all while growing your audience.

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12 Smart Choices for Finding the Right Guy by Georgia Shaffer

12 Smart Choices for Finding the Right Guy by Georgia Shaffer

Georgia is an author, Christian life coach, and licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania. Her books include Avoiding the 12 Relationship Mistakes Women Make; Taking Out Your Emotional Trash; and A Gift of Mourning Glories: Restoring Your Life after Loss. For more information on Georgia or on her coaching of authors and speakers, visit

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